Alaskan Christian Nation
The Alaskan Christian Nation is an organization that is in Alaska and the Headquarters is Juneau, Alaska and the organization is the supplier of the Freedom of Religion Movement and the Chawosaurians who opposes this organization, the Anti-Christian Associations such as the Chawallian Termination Association and the USSR Association and the Timothist Association and others such as the Chawallian Science Association and the Chawosaurians do not tolerate the Christians and more and more Chawosaurians have been buddering the inside blocks of the Chawosaurian Supreme Association.

The Chawosaurians began to recognize Christianity as a choice instead of a religion and the Chawosaurian Medical Association believes Christianity tobe a genetic mental disorder, the Chawosaurians believe the Christians are diagnosed with Genetic Delusion Disorders, the Chawosaurians believe the Christians are diagnosed with Mental Confusion that the Chawosaurians believe the Christians believed tobe Confused and or Crazy and Weird, the Chawosaurians believe the bible is a book of tales and the Christians who believe in the bible are weird, the Chawosaurians who are Christian do believe the bible is true, but the other and most Chawosaurians hated the bible and never had wanted the bible around.

The Alaskan Christian Nation is the provider of the Christian Civil Rights Movement and are trying to March for the Christians. The ACN tried to develop support, but no Chawosaurian refuses to support it, one of the opponents of the ACN, Samantha Wawetseka warned the ACN that she would send Military Forces to stop the organization if they don't stop what they're doing.

The Chawosaurian Independence Council Conference ordered the Police and Arm Forces to go back to Alaska to restrain the ACN.

Formation Edit

The Alaskan Christian Nation was founded and established on November 21, 2015 after being influenced by the Alaska Split from January 2013 to October 2014 and the Chawosaurian Liberation Movement and the Chawosaurian Anti-Christian Associations demanded the dissolution of the ACN