Some attributes
First Discrimination
Second Hatred
Third Bullying
Other attributes
Fourth Homicide
Fifth Xenophobia
Sixth Terrorism
Anglophobia in Chawosauria is the nation's most largest Xenophobic Behavior in Chawosaurian History and has extreme hatred in Anglo people a percent more than German People, the Chawosaurians terrorize Anglo people, particular those Chawosaurians who have Anglo blood in them, however, those Chawosaurians who are Anglo, are called Chawanglos.

many and many Chawosaurians participated in Anglophobic advocacy and or political demonstration and behavior by massacring and destroying them with brutal and hateful bashing and bullying. The Chawosaurians uses Anglophobic policies and also, it would be the largest xenophobia in Chawosauria.

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