In the History of Chawosauria, and the History of the Imagination of Chawosauria's creator, Garrett Bailey, Ben, Abby, Eddie, and Bruner, were the Children of Bessie, one of Garrett's first imaginary friends from his childhood. They were actually stuffed toys Garrett used to make friends with because of Garrett's preference to live in his own world rather than the world he actually lives, Ben, Abby, Eddie, and Bruner are one of those childhood memories that contributed to Garrett's ability to imagine and create stories leading to the rise of this very wiki from 2015 to 2018.

History and Origin Edit

With Garrett beginning kindergarten in special education because of his disability, Autism, Garrett inside was thought and behaved Schizophrenic, even though he obviously wasn't Schizophrenic at all, and preferred to live in his imaginary world rather than the world of reality due to a grandmother who wasn't such a good shape to take care of him and his twin brother, to his grandmother, Garrett seemed schizophrenic because of his distance from the world around him to the world of his mind, and the signs began to occur that drastically helped his art skills and his ability to make up stories. Garrett began to improve drastically on intellect while his brother stayed behind, Garrett made characters out of paper and actually talked to them due to extended isolation under special education, but also as a result of autism. Garrett continued this schizophrenic-like behavior toward people until surprisingly he was 13 or 14.