Bisexual Revolution
Japezian Movement
Bisexual Revolutionary Meeting
Vital statistics
Start October 10, 1943
End October 20, 2015
Prerequisites Unknown
Level The Bisexual Revolution ended by the Struck Down of Chawosepia and Shihuangdia's Freedom of Biphobia
Location Shihuangdia & Chawosepia
Rewards 235,872 Awards
Quest progression
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Chawallianity Japezians


Shihuangdia Biphobe Groups

During the years of 1943 to 2015, the Bisexual Revolution lasted from 72 Years and began when Chawallianity legalized Bisexual Sexual Act under a new code of conduct, the Bisexual Chawosaurians, Shihuangdians and Chawosepians wanted to be recognized but Chawallianity had already recognized Bisexuality since their ancient ancestors.

In the Japezian Movement, their advocate, Japez had came out in 2009 and because of his Christian Denomination, he was able to show it with pride and faith, he had extreme faith in god and loved to celebrate those as a result.