In the late time of 2014, someone started a rumor that Timothy was married to Daniel Lonato, but in October 2015, the Chawallian Scientists were able to find Timothy's blood in the lab which was token out from when Timothy died in 2011, the scientist checked Timothy's blood and looked through his DNA and found that Timothy never had Bisexual Hormones and the Bisexual Rumors became proven as False, the Person who started the rumors of Timothy being married to a man was a teenager named Casey Parker and his stepbrother had spread the rumors from all students ans teachers which in 2015, the Government got involved, but for a whole year, 50% of Chawallians had believed Timothy was bisexual, but October 29, 2015, the DNA of Timothy was found and the Bisexual Rumors were False.

On November 1, 2015, Casey Parker was arrested for False Rumoring and would face the death penalty

Timothy Max Roosevelt's Current Sexual Orientation Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt was married to Elizabeth Mary Alexandria and fathered all 23 Children with her, Timothy married other women before Elizabeth and never had married other man during his lifetime.