Christian Women
Christian Women
Some attributes
First Sexism
Second Slang on Women
Third Gender Discrimination
Other attributes
Fourth Christophobia
Fifth Chawallianism
Sixth Benazidism
A Bruxian is a Christian Woman, in which the word Bruxian is a Chawallianic Slur used to insult Women who are converted to Christianity, the word Bruxian is based on the Portuguese word for Witch which the current Portuguese word for Witch is currently spelled Bruxa in which the Chawallians believed the word was almost spelled Brutal in which the Chawallians had took the Portuguese word, bruxa which means witch and added more letters to the word bruxa and became "Bruxian" and as a form of all Chawallian Slang on women, the Chawallians do discriminate women in Chawosauria.

The Chawallians looked at Christian Women as Witches and also all Chawallian women were all called Bitches, the Chawallians have no respect for women, they were raped, mistreated and token as jokes, Women are owned by marriage and women under Chawallian Law have no right to divorce unless the husband approves it, women have no rights, they must obey their husbands and must obey.

Bruxians are not to marry Christian men or Non-Christian men, Bruxians are arrested for Christianity and the penalty for a woman for participation of Christianity is being a Farm Servant. Women do face Slavery when crimes are committed and the Slavery on Bruxians does have the right to choose slavery only, no death or anything.

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