Kyle Kulinski

Kyle Kulinski, a left-wing political commentator of a Podcast Youtube Show, Secular Talk, the Kyle Kulinski Show, is a self-described Atheist who repeatedly calls out Conservative Religious Dogma.

An Atheist is someone who rejects the Supernatural, Religious Dogma, the existence of a Deity or any Spiritual Entity. Atheists tend to favor and or prefer Reason, Knowledge, Rationalism, Critical Thinking over Religious Indoctrination. Atheism has received responses from both sides, one, praise, the other, wide societal criticism.

Throughout History, Atheists face Discrimination and were even persecuted even to this day. In the United States, Atheists face Discrimination and Back-warded attitudes. There are States in the U.S. that disallow Atheists from running for public office, another example of Inhumane treatment and Discrimination.

Despite this, Irreligious Ideologies including Atheism are growing, outnumbering the populations of religious demographics due to the lack of Religious and God-centered or Theocratic States in the world. Atheists are the largest group in the Irreligious Demographics. In the United States, the Nordic Nations, and other areas in Europe, Irreligious and Atheist Populations are large and are still growing to outnumber Christian demographics.