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Adolf Hitler was the Dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945.

In World Politics, a Dictator is a person or Autocrat who has Extreme Authoritarian Power all to him or herself and not for the common people or a limited branch of Government. A Dictator can be Narcissist, a person who generally admires or worships him or herself.

Throughout History, Dictators have caused major problems in the World, Adolf Hitler was the one and only perfect example, when Hitler came to power in 1933, he cracked down on Human Rights, Abolished Democracy, and attempted to hold the whole world to their knees. Dictators are Narcissist Sociopaths who persecute not just their enemies, their critics, even if those critics are members of that Dictator's own family.

Dictators have the same powers of authority as an Absolute Monarch, King, Queen, or even an Emperor. Some American Presidents have committed Dictatorial or Authoritarian moves, Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War, stated that the Civilians of the Confederacy were still his own people, yet, he would still go on to send Millions of Troops to these same Civilian Residences to kill them. President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, in response to the Pearl Harbor Attack, incarcerated millions of Japanese-American Civilians of the United States in Concentration Camps.

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