Cousin Marriage is the marriage between cousins, it is seen as Incestuous, but throughout History and still today, Cousin Marriage was practiced in the Middle East, Europe, and also the United States, however, in U.S. History, there are Presidents who were married with their Cousins, John Adams, Franklin D. Roosevelt, etc.

Througtout World History, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, etc, were all married to their cousins.

Legal Regulations of Cousin Marriage Edit

Cousin Marriage Laws

'Laws of the World regarding Cousin Marriage. 'Blue: Cousin Marriage is legal. Red: Cousin Marriage is banned. Orange: Cousin Marriage requires Religious Permission

Laws Regarding Cousin Marriage in the United States Edit

Cousin Marriage Law in the U.S.

Laws regarding Cousin Marriage in the United States. Blue: Cousin Marriage is legal. Red: Cousin Marriage is banned. Light Blue: Cousin Marriage allowed with regulations. Dark Red: Cousin Marriage and Sex Illegal. Pink: Cousin Marriage banned unless there are Circumstances

U.S. Presidents who were Married to Cousins Edit

  1. Franklin D. Roosevelt married to Eleanor Roosevelt
  2. John Adams married to Abigail Adams.
  3. Thomas Jefferson married to Martha Wayles.
  4. Martin Van Buren married to Hannah Hoes.


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