A Hacker is a person or group who Sabotages an Institution. There are many types of Hackers, the worst brand are Cyber Hackers, hackers who digitally sabotage to delegitimize or cripple an institution or break in without consent to find information. Cyber Hacking is basically or can be considered Digital Burglary on a search for information rather it is the Government or someone the Hackers want to tarnish. Cyber Hacking can be hostile. Since the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, the United States Intelligence Community has accused Russia of Cyber Hacking the Election in Trump's favor because of Trump's Soft Rhetoric on Russia and Hillary Clinton's Not very friendly rhetoric on Russia. Wikileaks is known to Cyber Hack the U.S. Federal Government in attempt to "Expose" the Government's secrets, sometimes instantly tarnishing the U.S. Government. The U.S. Government was worsenly and instantly tarnished with Edward Snowden exposing Government Surveillance on American Civilians in 2013, various Libertarian Organizations advocated for Privacy Rights for American Civilians.

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