Confederate States of America

The Confederate Flag was once the Flag of the Confederate States of America in its later days, once was the Battle Flag in the Early Years of the Confederacy, White Southerners still consider the flag the symbol of their Homeland and Heritage, despite the flag is widely dismissed by most of American Society as a Flag of Racism.

Southern Populism is Populism among Southerners in the American South, where it is believed that the American South is being undermined by non-southerner elites, including the United States, eventhough the American South is a part of the United States.

The Non-Southerner Elites today can be: the United States as a whole, Liberals, the U.S. Federal Government. And the Former Non-Southerner Elites were: the Republican Party, the North, Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Administration, and Anti-Slavery Activists (Abolitionists), and still Anti-Segregation Liberals.

Southern Populism was once the dominant faction of the U.S. Democratic Party until the Presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt, to President, Lyndon B. Johnson.

Southern Populism is now the dominant faction of the U.S. Republican Party since President, Ronald Reagan.


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