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Charles Bedford Forrest (b. January 24, 1965) is the Sergeant of the Great Chawosaurian Rebel Confederates and is the father of two children, Freddie Ford Forrest and Selena Forrest, his wife, Cece Forrest who is attracted to Potira Castro, he is apart of the Southern Baptist Faith. Charles Forrest is Chawosauria's first openly redneck immigrant from the United States who migrated to Chawosauria during the time of Timothy Max Roosevelt, but Timothy did not respect his rights.

According to the Chawallians and the Chawmanians, Forrest was named after one of the most victorious and legendary Confederate generals, Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was claimed to be one of the main founders of the Ku Klux Klan, and his mother and father were pro and neo-Confederates, Charles lived as a Southern American and he had participated in the reenactment of the American Civil War.

Charles Forrest founded the Chawmanian Rebel Confederates and became their Sergeant Chief, it has been clear that their weapons are the same as the Confederate Soldiers who fought for the South in the American Civil War.

A Potential Candidate for the President of the Confederacy.

Early Life Edit

Charles Bedford Forrest II was born in Moody, Alabama, on January 24, 1965, his parents, Charles B. Forrest Sr and Sara Adams were Southern Farmers, his father was a strict Southern Baptist and so was his mother, he and his father were involved in Civil War Reenactments which was where he learned military ambition, like many Southerners, his family opposed Lyndon B. Johnson's Policies, the South was then a Democratic Stronghold, James Carter was the last Democratic President to have won the South in 1976, only Bill Clinton won some Southern States but not all. His family were Southern Democrats.

Civil War Reenactments and Training Edit

He trained in the Army in both Civil War Reenactments and actual Military Academy, inspired by Confederate General, Robert E. Lee, his cousin, Robert Lee Forrest, was nearly named after him, while Charles B. Forrest himself, was named after Confederate General, Bedford Forrest.