The Chawallian Communist Party also known as the great Chawallian Soviet Party, the political party that is communist and shares the ideas of the Soviet Union from Lenin to Stalin, Stalin to Mao and the Chawallian Soviet Party supports Joseph Lopez's idea on the Stalinization of Chawallianity.

The Stalinization of Chawallianity would lead to the Reconstruction of Chawallianity as well as influenced to the Reconstruction of Chawosauria. The Rebels had been fighting for a great change, freedom and liberation and the rise of Liberalism.

During the 2018 Communist Party National Convention, the Communist Party collapsed and was succeeded by a new Communist Party.

Overview Edit

The Chawallian Communist Party is a far-left political party, it is both Far-right and Far-left and has Fascist and Stalinist roots, it was the ruler of the House of the Stalinists and ruled with a mighty fist, the Chawallian Communist Party ruled labor in a harsh way, workers are prohibited from having breaks, including bathroom breaks, Children are government property and the government prohibited all technology and entertainment.

The Chawallian Communist Party controlled the diet of civilians and said that everybody must eat healthy, the rural areas and urban areas were all government owned totalitarianly, and the Chawosaurian Government had the biggest ownership of the means of production and there was no money currently, the Chawallian Communist Party had destroyed all classes and the Chawosaurian Governments have also have lack of state rights.

History Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt founded the party in 1929, as inspired by Joseph Stalin, but added Fascist ideas into the party after being inspired by Adolf Hitler, Timothy's Anti-Christian Manifesto was added into his platform in 1938 and is still being enforced today, Marxist-Leninism seeks to eliminate religion with the idea of a Marxist-Leninist Atheism. Timothy added Antitheism into his ideology block.

In 1939, 926 Chawallian Communists won 926 out of 1,000 seats of the Chawosaurian House of Internationals, won 214 Governorships, won 200 senator offices and won 16 judges' offices, Timothy's party was becoming more successful and successful more than ever, as of 1940, the party has the majority of the seats of the Chawosaurian House of the Internationals, majority of governorships, majority of the offices of senators.

In 1941, Sydney Mort Patrick died and the Chawallian Communist Party took over because Timothy overtook the Chawallian Federation, which would lead to the overtaking of Chawosauria, the party started developing more and more financial abilities and strengthen the military and the budget and reduced classes, strict laws were overtook, and Homosexuality was legalized, but restricted, and Rights were taken away from everybody, and also, the Chawosaurians were conquered and ruled by the party and it's owner until 2011.

Post-Timothy Era Edit

The Party is losing control, but is being strengthen by Timothy Max Roosevelt ii, in the Chawosaurian Civil War, the party is currently dying and the party would stand until.

Dissolution Edit

During the 2018 Communist Party Convention for the incoming 2019 Federal Election, the party dissolved and formed a new Communist Party.

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