Chawallian Communism
Chawallian Communist Party
Chawallian Communist Party
Some attributes
First Communism
Second Stalinism
Third Maoism
Other attributes
Fourth Leninism
Fifth Marxist-Leninist

The Chawallian People's Workers' Party also known as the CPWP, is a political party created by Joseph Lopez that is split from the Chawallian Communist Party and the Chawallian Communists created the Chawallian Communist Association which is opposed to the Chawosaurian Liberation Movement and supports the Reconstruction of Chawallianity, and the protection and defense of the House of the Stalinists.

The House of the Stalinists is a Neo-Soviet Legislature that rules over the Chawallian Communist Association and the House of the Stalinists is also a Neo-Stalinist.

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