Chawallianic Wars
Chawallianic Wars
Chawallianic Wars
Vital statistics
Start 1000 C.E. (AD 1000)
End Present Day
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Wars of Chawallians and their Chawophobe Enemies (Especially against their Homophobe and Biphobe Enemies)
Location Worldwide
Rewards Victory Treaties
Quest progression
Previous Next

(Main Opponent)

Chawalliankalita Qinshihuangdia Chawmania Ohalianity


(Main Opponent)

Abrahamism Chawallianity United States Confederacy Kalitanity Shihuangdia Homophobia Biphobia

The Chawallianic Wars are wars from 1000 AD to today and also the Chawallians and Christians had been enemies ever since the Vikings entered the North American Continent Before the Spanish in 1492 and the Chawosaurians had fought so many wars since the C.E. Year, 1000 and on January 1, 1000 C.E., the Vikings invaded the Chawalliankalitans because they were not converted to Christianity and the Chawallian-Viking War began in January 1, 1000 and ended on December 26, 1100. The Chawallian-Nordic War began in 1100 and ended in 1199 and the Chawallian-Slavic War lasted from 1200-1399 and the Wars are between Mainly Between the Chawosaurians and the Christians over the issue of religious and personal boundaries but the Wars are also over the issues of Government, Termination to Others and World Domination and to the Chawosaurian Revolutionary War, the Governments of Chawosauria and Chawallianity opposes Christian Civil Rights.

The Chawallians and Christians had been fighting ever since the Arrival of the Vikings to the Subarctic Areas of Canada and the Chawallians did not liked the Vikings because they were Christian and because of how they were teaching other Chawallians and the Vikings did not liked the Chawallians because of how judgmental they are with the Christian Faith.

According to today, the Chawosaurians and Christians are still fighting and Discrimination is taking place in Chawosauria, the Termination of Christians to convert the Christians into Atheism or the Ancient Chawallian Religion has been clear to the Chawallians that converting the Christians into Atheism is part of Chawallian Law.

History of the Chawallianic Wars Edit

Chawallian-Viking War (1000-1100) Edit

The Vikings had invaded the Inuit Chawallian Empire in January 1000, the Chawallians defeated the vikings in 1100 in Subarctica and the Vikings surrendered in 1102.

Emperor, Koslevickro ii Edit

Koslevickro ii was the 38th Emperor of the Chawallian Empire and he ordered the surprise attack on the vikings and after the Vikings surrendered, Koslevickro ii allowed the Vikings to go home.

Emperor, Christian MacDonald Edit

Christian MacDonald was mixed with Viking and Micmac Indian and was Converted to the Chawalliankalitan Faith and he witnessed the Spanish discovering the Americas after the Vikings and Emperor, MacDonald send out an idea, A Supremacy of the Chawallians.

Emperor, Johnathan Saint Montgomery Edit

Emperor Jonathan is the symbol of the heart of Chawosauria and is today known as the Emperor who failed Chawosauria and is honored for his hard try of Defending the Chawallians.

Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt

Timothy Max Roosevelt in 1973

Timothy Max Roosevelt's role in the Chawallianic Wars was brutal and dangerous and he provided and futurized Chawosauria with Futuristic Weapons as good as Nazi Germany's Weapons. Timothy had played an impressive role in the Chawallianic Wars and had impressed the Chawallians with opened eyes and awoken soldiers who never saw Timothy's geniuses spread through all over the Imperial Chawallian Empire.

Timothy Max Roosevelt was basically the Emperor of Chawosauria but he was the Dictator of the Imperial Chawallian Empire, his role as an Absolute Monarch and Totalitarian Ruler, he was very feared and powerful, his enemy-ship with the Christians was brutal and his insanity with Nuclear Weapons got the Chawallians involved in the Cold War on the side of the Soviet Union and opposed the power of the United States and the USSR broke up and the Chawallians lost the Support from the Soviet Union and had to rely on North Korea, the leader of the Chawallianic Wars.

List of Wars of the Chawallianic Wars Edit

(1000-1100)- Chawallian-Viking War Edit

The Chawallians and Vikings had fought against each other from 1000 to 1100 and after the Chawallians defeated the Vikings, the Chawallians allowed the Vikings to leave to their homeland.

(1100-1299)- Chawallian-Nordic Pirate War Edit

The Kalmar Union invaded the Chawallians in 1100 to support and revenge to the vikings but in 1299, the Chawallians won the Chawallian-Nordic War.

(1300-1492)- Chawallian-Slavic Pirate War Edit

The Slavic Pirates invaded the Chawallians as part of the Catholic views that those who were not Christian shall have their land token over tobe Christianize by God, In 1492, the Chawallians defeated the Slavic Pirates and allowed them to go back to Europe.

(1492-1826)- Chawallian-European War Edit

During the Colonization of the Americas, the Chawallians refused to fall under Christianity and fought against the Europeans to defend their lands, in 1826 after the Europeans left in 1783-1824, the Chawallians signed the peace treaty with the Europeans in 1826.

(1830-1858)- Chawallian-American War Edit

The United States tried to invade the Chawallian Empire, but the Chawallians defeated the Americans in the Harsh winter in Subarctica in 1858.

(1860-1895)- First Brutal War Edit

The Europeans attacked the Chawallians again and the Chawallians were defeated by the Europeans in 1895 and had to leave their land.

(1861-1865)- American Civil War Edit

The Chawallians wanted America to break up and jumped the Union Army with the Confederacy's side and alliance, but the Americans, Union or Confederate, don't like the Chawallians in the war but when America won the Civil War, the Chawallians were unhappy.

(1898)- Spanish-American War Edit

The Chawallians supported the United States in the Spanish-American War.

(1914-1918)- World War 1 Edit

The Chawallians fought World War 1 and fought on Russia's Side until the Chawallians looked at the Russian Revolution of 1917.

(1917-1922)- Russian Civil War Edit

The Chawallians supported the Russian Revolution of 1917 and supported ans fought the Russian Civil War and successfully drove out the Tsarists.

(1939-1945)- World War 2 Edit

The Chawallians fought World War 2 because of the Nazis invaded the USSR in June 1941 and helped Japan on trying to take over the United States, but the Chawallians won and lost the war on two sides.

(1950-1975)- Second Brutal War Edit

Chawallian Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt invaded the Chawosaurian Confederacies in 1950 to form the Imperial Chawallian Empire and during 1950-1975, Timothy won the war and the Chawosaurians had fell under Chawallian Superiority.

(1950-1953)- Korean War Edit

The Chawallians likes to get involved in any war the United States get involve in and support North Korea against the U.S. with the overtaking of South Korea.

(1955-1975)- Vietnam War Edit

The Chawallians abused their war power by getting involved in the Vietnam War because America is in that war, they been getting involved in every war the U.S. fights since the Chawallian-American War until the Syrian Civil War in 2014. Vietnam won the war and Chawallianity celebrated the Vietnamese Victory.

(1970-2015)- Continent War Edit

The Chawallians and Shihuangdians had fought over power over the Continent Union because of the Division of the U.C.C.R. Powers and none of the sides won in 2015.

(1979-1989)- Soviet War in Afghanistan Edit

The Chawallians adored the Soviet Union and believed the USSR should take over Afghanistan, but in 1989, the Soviets left the war and Chawallianity lost the USSR in 1991.

Global War on Terrorism Edit

The Chawallians are not involved in the War on Terror because the Chawallians feared they'll face a great depression and they'll suffer worse than America suffered in after World War 1.

(2014-2015)- Crusades War Edit

The Chawallians and the Orthodox Tsardom dislike each other and went to war with the Chawallians basically the same day when the OTKR became a nation, the Orthodox Tsardom dissolved under the Emancipation Proclamation of the Imperial Chawallian Empire Executive Order, defeating the Orthodox Tsardom.

(2016-)- Chawosaurian Revolutionary War Edit

The Chawosaurian Revolutionary War is a conflict between the Chawallians and the Rebels which began since Epice, Epice is also a Declaration of War against the Imperial Chawallian Empire.

Chronology Edit

The Chawallianic Wars had lasted a Millennium in a half from 1000 C.E. to today, the Wars had began from the Chawallian-Viking War when the Christian Vikings had invaded the Chawbalitans and Chawalliankalitans in January 1, 1000 C.E.

The Chawosaurians and European Christians had fought against each other over the issue of religious beliefs, as far as the Russian Annexation of Siberia as the region was part of the Chawalliankalitan Empire and Spanish Conquest of the Aztec and Inca Empires, the Chawosaurians did saw defeat, and as the Europeans drove Chawalliankalitans out of their land by using the Chawbalitans as puppets to do so, after years after the defeat, the Chawallians rose once again under Timothy Max Roosevelt's leadership and overpowered the Chawallians and when conquering the Chawosaurians who were formerly called Chawbalitans, as revenge for supporting the Christian Europeans on taking them over and when taking over Chawosauria and doubling up their supreme power to defeat the Christians.

Background Edit

The Chawallianic Wars had been a group of wars that lasted for a very long time, almost 1,020 years and the Chawalliankalitans had won each war, but since 1492, the European Colonization gave strength to their Christian Enemies and were thrown off their land by their own ally, the Europeans broke Chawalliankalitanity apart and chased them apart, threw them off the shores of their homeland.

The Chawallians and Kalitans had differ views about the Chawosaurians betraying them and helping the Europeans cutting them in half and throwing them off the lands about far away from each other.

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