Chawallian Americans
Chawamerican Flag
Chawamerican Flag
Vital statistics
Type People
Level Unknown
Location United States
Inhabitants 6,8,235,620
Chawamericans, mostly known as Chawallian Americans, are Chawosaurians who lives in the United States and they are one of the most hard working people in America.

The reasons why the Chawallians immigrate to the U.S. is for freedom from Timothy Max Roosevelt and that Dictator consider those Chawallians who do move to America, are considered traitors of the Chawallian Ethnicity, the Chawallian Americans don't live on most of the Southern Part of the United States and that is because the South has Alot of Christians occupying the region, but the Chawallian Americans occupy only two states of the South and alittle bit of land in Oklahoma, Louisiana and Georgia and occupy only one county in Alabama.

The largest religion of the Chawallian Americans are Atheists and only 1.2% of them are Christian and 9.1% of them are Agnostic and the Chawamericans have good relations with Native Americans and African Americans, but not Mexican Americans, or Irish Americans, but they have very good relations with Anglo-Americans, the Chawosaurians in Chawosauria are usually Anglophobic, but the Chawamericans love Great Britain, the Chawamericans' children are very easy to teach and discipline, but they are not easy to convert to Christianity, the Chawamericans earn lots of pay and sometimes in Texas, face Chawophobic attitudes from their bosses.

American Pride Edit

American Pride

Yard of American Flags for Independence Day

The Chawamericans are grateful for the country they live on because of the terrorism of Timothy Max Roosevelt and the Chawamericans have voted for every president, in 1999, 91.41% of Chawamericans were Republicans until president, Obama came to office in 2009, now in 2016, 97.61% of Chawamericans are Democrats, unfortunately they are secrets in Chawamericans, 91.26% of Chawamericans are Libertarian and Liberal, so most Chawamericans are in favor of Equal Rights including Same-Sex Marriages, the Chawamericans are and do supports equal opportunities, and opposes Social Conservatism and have supports Separation of Religion and State.

Living in America Edit


America with American Flag

When Timothy Max Roosevelt was Dictator of Chawallianity 50,235,5673,432 Chawallians escaped to the US for freedom from Timothy's terrorism, but in 1989, Timothy passed a law that says No Chawallian is allowed to leave the Imperial Chawallian Empire, the Chawallians came to America, all beaten and raped, and their children were abused by the Imperial Chawallian Army and when the Chawallians stayed in America and birthed their Children in the Country, Chawamericans saw the reality of their ancestral land that was being brutalized by an evil crazy fascist ruler and the Chawamericans love america because they were safe and warm.

Chawamericans in education and employment Edit

Chawamericans in most states are employed, but in the south, Texas and Florida, often face Discrimination from other workers, including their employer, because of the Chawamericans' Atheism, but they are legal protections, the Chawamerican children often face bullying in Texas, based on their Atheism and the major of the children do committee suicide.

American Nationalism Edit

Chawamericans are Nationalists to America and they have strong support for America, Except War and the Chawamericans have strong support for Human Equality