Vital statistics
Start 80,000 B.C.E.
End 1899 C.E.
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Fell in WW2
Location Eurasia
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
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Chawalliankalita Balitanity
Chawbalitanity was a Chawosaurianic Species that lived from the Chawalliankalitanic Wars and Extincted in World War 2, the Chawbalitans had their own governments and supported the Germanic Barbarians from the Roman Empire and the Chawbalitans had their own villages and lived a life of paradise of no work, no responsibility and no worship, the Chawbalitans were atheists, they had no beliefs of god, or any god and as the Pegans were concerned, the Chawbalitans were of the European landscapes currently, the Chawbalitans had released a long history until world war ii, they extincted.

Chawbalitanity had replaced it's name to Chawosauria because since after the defeat of the Chawalliankalitans, they were a nomad tribe which had broke up from Chawalliankalitanity in the Chawalliankalitanic Wars. They had been having relations with the Chawalliankalitans until betrayal in the first brutal war and the Chawallians and Kalitans had split, the Chawallians got ended up conquering them in 1975.

Etymology Edit

Chawbalitanity was named after to honor the general who liberated Chawbalitanity from Chawalliankalitanity, Chawbalitan, and the general himself named his army, the Chawbalitans and when they gained their victory, the Chawbalitans became a group called Chawbalitanity.

History Edit

Chawalliankalitanic Wars Edit

The Chawbalitans began to demand for independence under the will of Chawigold and Chawalliankalitanity has been living under the rule of their God, the Chawbalitans wanted to rule over their own group and demanded to break away from the Chawalliankalitans once and for all for the name of Chawigold and were Indo-Europeans of the Arctic North.

The wars began in 80,000 after Chawbalitan was chosen to lead his army to freedom, the liberty of the Chawbalitans remains the biggest.

After the Chawalliankalitanic Wars Edit

The Chawbalitans after the death of Chawbalitan, they had been enjoying their freedom, wideness and limitless freedom in Europe which was not populated until the conquest of the Roman Empire, they were never disturbed and enjoyed the peace they once loved.

Conquest of the Roman Empire Edit

The Chawbalitans did not enjoyed the disturbance of the Romans and failed to fight them off, but most Chawbalitans lived in Scandinavia and also the Chawbalitans moved up north where their peace can be recovered.

Disturbance from Christian Conquests Edit

Years after the fall of the Roman Empire, the Chawbalitans were enjoying their full time peace until the vikings came to invade their territory, vikings who were Christian, some armies of the Christian Kingdoms also, the Chawbalitans did not enjoyed the time of the vikings who were Norse and Christian.

Chawbalitans lived in Siberia and when Ivan the terrible of Russia ordered the invasions of Siberia, the Chawbalitans saw the Russians were Christian and grew up their Christianophobia.

Traditional Beliefs Edit

Demographics Edit

Chawbalitans lived in Europe, all over Europe and Siberia, the Chawbalitans had got Christian Conquests from Russia and hated Ivan the terrible.

Governance Edit

Chawbalitans were ruled by their own chiefs and shamans, they were strictly into Chawigold Laws and years later, they began to have presidential democracies.

Dissolution Edit

Chawbalitanity had defeated the Chawalliankalitans and strengthened their power and renamed themselves tobe Chawosauria.