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Chawoversia Wikia is a wikia that is about Chawoversia, but mainly about Chawosauria.

Chawosauria Studios Edit

Chawosauria Studios is an imaged corporation based on art, photography, filmography, animating it would be Pro Labor Union, and is founded by Garrett Bailey, it would produce cartoons, (political and comedy), and would work union with Nickelodeon Studios, Disney Studios, Orlando Studios, and Cartoon Network.

This would want to work with Government on creating jobs, on it's constitution, it would prohibit itself from giving political donations, but employees would still vote, aligned with environmental protection, and may turn into a Multinational Corporation.

Photography and Filmography Edit

Chawosauria Studios would help Nickelodeon and Disney with ideas for movies and presentations. Chawosauria Studios would like to work with many film industries and yes, share the money with the public except not donate money to political candidates. Cartoons are very special for children and many jobs would be provided for employees.

Photography is one of the most powerful art designs in Art History, Chawosauria Studios would enjoy editation and detailing of images that inspire the world, art is very awesome for anyone, and art is for all people.

Painting and Drawing Edit

Chawosauria Studios would create painting art, and would donate them to art museums, however, Chawosauria Studios will have drawing and animating courses, and would help create art and design colleges.

Graphic Designing and Videogames Edit

Chawosauria Studios would help produce video games, including creating it's own video games based on Chawosauria, and help give ideas with anything in our power to help amaze the world with Chawosauria Studios with other Video Game Businesses.

Separation of Corporation and State Edit

NO Political Donations for Political Candidates or Controlling any federal government of any country, Chawosauria Studios only donates for Safety Net Programs, Humanitarian Programs and Environmental Programs, it would donate to Human and Civil Rights Organizations and more Social Justice organizations.

Chawosauria Studios' goal is to expand art and design jobs across the western civilization, not to shift jobs overseas, but would send jobs out of state if it's state government practices or passes a law based on Social Injustice, Social Injustice would not be tolerated by Chawosauria Studios' Labor Union.

Gallery Edit

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