The Relationship between Chawosaurians and Christians is not well with each other, the Christians were looked at by Chawosaurians as Nazis and Demonic and possessed individuals who want to convert other individuals into Christianity which to the Chawosaurians is Possessing people into Demonism, the Chawosaurians believe Christianity is truly an evil religion. In Chawosauria, Christianity has the legacy of being a Demonized Possessive Religion that attempts to convert individuals, such as American Indians and other Indigenous Individuals into Christianity, by enslaving them, to the Chawosaurians, the Christians would murderous and judgmental individuals, the Chawosaurians don't wanna be around with, but how the Chawosaurians deal with Christians, has been deadly since a fascist Chawosaurian Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt, had ideas on how to terrorize the Christians, in order to keep the Christians from converting them to the Christian Faith, by banning Christianity under the Ordinance of Chawosauria Act and give Christians, Capital and Corporal Punishments, the Chawosaurians made the Christians who live in Chawosauria, suffer of torturous and unimaginable deaths or slaughters.

History Edit

The Vikingian Christians invaded the Chawallians in the beginning of the Chawallianic Wars and that was the very first time the Christians and the Chawosaurians greeted, they greet with war, the Chawosaurians didn't had a problem with the Christians based on their religion at the first time, but the Chawosaurians disliked the Christians because they invaded the homeland of the Ancient Chawallians.

But when the Europeans landed on the new world, the Chawosaurians' attitudes to the Christians began to get worse, the Chawosaurians began to hate the Christians in a wrathful way, during the time of new imperialism, the Chawosaurians are tired of putting up with the Christians, Christianizing half their population which causes the Chawosaurians to discriminate their own race, only are Christianized, sometimes persecute them, terrorized them and or take away their children before they're Christianized, the Chawosaurians on the issue on Homosexuality, things got disgusting, the Chawosaurians got judged by the Christians for legalizing "Sodomy" (homosexuality) and that made the Chawosaurians super angry and highly offended, which caused the Chawosaurians to have enough from the Christians because the Chawosaurians got super offended by the judgement and that was the very last judgement the Chawosaurians got from the Christians, the Chawosaurian Government had enough from the Christians also after being offendedly judged by the Christians for the Chawosaurians for unpassing sexuality laws except sexual assault and elder incest and lesbian sexual activity.

Reasons why the Chawosaurians intolerates Christians Edit

European Colonies in the Americas

European Colonization of the Americas, (1492-1983)

Colonization of the new world Edit

The Europeans who colonized the new world, were Christian, the Chawosaurians, unfortunately, were called back then were called Chawalliankalitans, the Chawalliankalitans had lived on northern Canada, around the arctic circle, the idea, Columbus discovered America, was untrue, especially to the Chawalliankalitans and the Native Americans, the Chawalliankalitans knew the Native Americans way longer than any others, they recognized all their tribes and languages, except the South American Indians, but those who live in the Northern Part of the North American Continent, when the Europeans saw the Americas, the Spanish conquered the Aztec and because of they were not Christian, the Chawalliankalitans heard the news from Spain, the Chawalliankalitans got angered, which the news came from Scandinavia, which the region was very close to the Chawalliankalitans and where the First Christians Attacked From, the Chawalliankalitans were good neighbors with the Norse Vikings.

European Imperialism Edit

World Imperialism

World Empires in 1900

The Europeans occupied any land they could put their greedy and hairy unwashed feets on, which offended the Chawosaurians were offended by White Supremacy, and also, Christian Supremacy, the Chawosaurians believe it is wrong to force indigenous individuals tobe converted into Christianity, the Chawosaurians ordered self defense from the Christians and White Supremacists, but Homophobic Individuals were not yet, apart of this issue, the Chawosaurians have also saw the Christians as Antisemitic, certain Chawosaurians were Antisemitic, but Jewish People were not really talked about that much as Christians in Chawosauria, but it is known that Chawosaurian Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt was antisemitic.

White Supremacy and Homophobia Edit


Three Deadly Minorities as a Chawosaurianic Belief

Chawosaurian Profiles that shown that white supremacy was formerly how Christians would show themselves, compare to the Ku Klux Klan and homophobia was and still is a way for Christians to reveal their identity compare to the religion's most best well known homophobic christian denomination that only 2% of Christians follow, the Westboro Baptist Church, the church participates in Homophobic and Antisemitic behavior.

The Chawosaurians intolerate both, Homophobia and Heterosexism, the Chawosaurians do not enjoy heterosexist speeches and white supremacist speech and participation, the Chawosaurians banned homophobia and heterosexism and they both carry the Death Penalty.

Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt

Chawosaurian Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt in 1973

Timothy Max Roosevelt was the first ruler of Chawosauria to dare say the words "I Hate Christians" even if those Christians were his own people, he was the first of all Chawosaurian Rulers to dare use his administration to wipe away the Christian Faith from Chawosauria with brutal force as never been seen before by all Chawosaurians, he was really the first ruler of Chawosauria to insult his own people for being Christian and he was the first politician in Chawosauria who was in favor of the persecution of Christian Individuals and he was the first symbol of Chawallian Nationalism and he was the first to say, Christianity is evil and are plotting to destroy the world and drag us into fascism.

Timothy Max Roosevelt said words that forever made the Chawosaurians so believing in the words of Timothy's hurtful and discriminative as Discriminator of the Chawallian People

Timothy Max Roosevelt's true words Edit

"My true feelings about what i believe about Christianity and the fools who participate in this foolish faith of false witnesses and brutal fascist and of horror guilt of the condemnation of other individuals who are unworthy to the faith, the question of the wrong doings of Christians is that they have unbalanced pride in themselves and they committee sexual crimes, such as rape and lust, the Christians enjoy glutting their cheeks and slothing their lives away and they have faith in the revelations which would cause horror and blood drinking of those, the Christians say are alienic to god, i'm not sure, if the Christians know what love is when they see it, i'm not sure, if the Christians see hatred from when they see it.

The Christians only care about only about themselves, they want the rich, they want power over all mankind, dominating over other individuals and prohibiting the traditions of ethnic groups because they view it as sin of not believing in the Christian God, discriminating atheists, calling them evil or selfish individuals, the Christians are brainwashed and foolish to think Atheists are worthless and alienic to their faith, they murder and massacre Indigenous Individuals they called savages about they did not believed in the Christian god, they made them hurt in regret, the Christians made these poor indigenous people feel, unloved, judged, and discouraged, how can the world live under Christian Supremacy, when they don't accept others. They call themselves, "kings of the earth" the "chosen people" which part of unbalanced pride of wickedness, calling the other religions, fake and false to the earth. Christianization of the world, is unjust, there should be a DeChristianization.

Well i have ideas on how to defend the Chawallian Heritage from Christianization, how to protect the Chawallians from being converted to the faith of wickedness, the Christians will face brutality and horror and guilt, torture and they shall cry till they bleed, i am not in favor of freedom of for Christians"

-Timothy Max Roosevelt -October 26, 1941

Timothy Max Roosevelt's Punishments to Christians Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt uses harsh punishments to punish Christians in a bloody and horror, by placing the Christians into famine, dissection and cannibal camps, timothy destroyed almost all of Christianity.

Christians after Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

After Timothy Max Roosevelt died in 2011, the Christians were accused by the Chawosaurians of murdering Timothy Max Roosevelt and were shot, others were token to court, and were found guilty.

Opinion of Heads of State about Christianity Edit

Chawosauria had many Emperors since 1000 CE who had views about Christianity, many and many.

Emperor, Maronardo Edit

Maronardo was a deep friend to the vikings and enjoyed their Christian beliefs, he welcomed four Christians and told them about their beliefs about Chawigold, the Chawallian God. Maronardo was the first to recognize Christianity.

Emperor, Koslevickro ii Edit

Koslevickro ii said that Christians are a threat to our society, but we should not discriminate, as Chawigold said, we should not discriminate those who discriminates us, we forserve peace and good understanding with peaceful disagreement and prejudice.

Koslevickro ii welcomed Christian Vikings and greeted them with happiness and respect, he honored their visits and meetings in the Chawallianic Wars.

Emperor, Christian MacDonald Edit

Emperor, Christian MacDonald was basically Viking and Indigenous, but was never a Christian, he was of the Chawalliankalitan Faith, He viewed Christianity as a deadly religion after hearing the news that the Inca and the Aztec Empires were conquered by the Spanish and the Spanish were Christian and they believe that since the Natives were not Christian, they face the "wrath of god" by losing their land.

Christian MacDonald was the first of all Chawalliankalitan Emperors to believe that Christians were dangerous.

Empress, Korea Tongula Edit

Tongula never said anything about Christianity, but she didn't like the Christians and she banned immigration of Christians to the Chawalliankalitan Empire.

Emperor, Johnathan Saint Montgomery Edit

Emperor, Johnathan Saint Montgomery was a deep friend to Christians, he supported freedom of religion and he supported the Secularization of Chawosauria period, the Christians thought of Emperor Jonathan as the true saint. His family became converted to the Lutheran faith and became their family elder.

Sydney Mort Patrick Edit

Sydney Mort Patrick believed in freedom of religion and believed that there should be no persecution.

Sydney vetoed a Christian-Right Legislation in 1932.

Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt was the first Chawosaurian Head to State, Openly Anti-Christian, he supported and passed anti-christian laws and policies and passed and proposed torturous death penalties and send all Christians into Concentration Camps and he literally said that he hated Christians and was not afraid to say so, Timothy was a neroistic or Nero type of character who did the same terrorism on Christians that was used by Roman Emperor, Nero and Timothy when it comes to Christianity was basically inspired by Nero.

Samantha Wawetseka Edit

Samantha Wawetseka was opposed to Christians having their own rights, she does not approve any pro and neo Christian legislature and no civil rights documents were passed during Samantha's leadership.

Abooksigun Eluwilussit Edit

Abooksigun signed the Citizenship Act, adding religion, but was repealed by the Proposition 11, which he signed into law because of Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Bill.

No Real Civil Rights Legislation was ever, nor would be signed into law by Abooksigun Eluwilussit himself.

Abooksigun proposed a constitutional amendment banning Christian Immigration into Chawosauria.

"Abooksigun Eluwilussit is calling for, a complete and total shutdown, of Christians entering Chawosauria" June 23, 2016.

Public Opinion of Chawosauria Edit

Powell v. Chawmania Edit


Powell v. Chawmania votes

In the case, Powell v. Chawmania, the giant majority of Chawosaurians voted against Christianity because of how they were raised by Timothy Max Roosevelt, today in Chawosauria, Christian Civil Rights are very unpopular in their culture and how their society threatened the Christians with radical unwelcoming and condemnation.

The Chawosaurians generally do condemn Christians because of the Christianization of the Americas, Assimilation of the American Indians and the issues of LGBT Rights.

2016 Public Opinion Edit

A Unanimous Poll showed that Christianity is not considered a minority group and is still considered a crime and the Chawosaurian Society doesn't see Christians as "a religious group of people" they are unanimously and widely seen as a "Criminal Group".

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