Chawosaurian Brutal Punishments on Animals
The Chawallians were very mean to Animals only when it comes to Punishing the Animals for Disrespecting the Chawallians and their land and individuals by attacking them, if a wildcat attempts to Attack a Chawallian Person, the Chawallians would beat and brutalize the Wildcat off the Attacked victim and Beat the Wildcat to death as Punishment for attempting to attack the Chawallians, the Chawallians beat, starve and torture wild predators for attempting to eat the Chawallians as their diet, the Chawosaurians do the same thing to Wild Predators and also the Chawallians had punished a lion named Fang and fang tried to eat a Chawallians but the Chawallian Military Police brutalized fang to get him off from the Chawallian and after fang lost his grip on the Chawallian, the Chawallians punished fang by taking his teeth out and had to try eat his meat without teeth and suffered of horror mouth pain, hurts worse as having your arm chopped off.