Confederacies & Continents of Chawosauria
Chawosauria (1900-1975)
Chawosauria in 1946
Some attributes
First Native Arctic Tribes
Second Arctic Chawallian Empire
Third Inuit Chawallian Empire
Other attributes
Fourth Chawosaurian Confederacy
Fifth Imperial Chawallian Empire
Sixth Chawosaurian Federation
the Chawosaurian Confederacies was a league of nations after the end of the First Brutal War in 1895, it was form to create a confederative form union for Chawosauria, it lasted from the beginning of 1900 to the end of 1975.

Chawosauria had independent governments and also the Chawosaurians had Sodomy Laws until 1940-1946 and Allowed Christianity until 1941-1945, they were trying to create the mighty league called the Continent Union but by the Second Brutal War, the Chawallians build the Continent Union.

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