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The Chawosaurian Federal Election of 2015 was a Federal Election held on December 31, 2015, at the end of the Chawallianity Renaissance, due to the vacancy of the Chawosaurian Monarch created by the death of Timothy Max Roosevelt in 2011, and then the death of Antonio Kingston in the mid of this year.

The election was won by Samantha Wawetseka, Wawetseka has become the second woman after Wawetseka Sequoia MacKenzie to win a landslide victory.

The Election was called by Antonio Kingston to earn power in his own right to combat the Revolution, but Kingston died in 2015, dissolving his campaign and the revolution escalated.

This is Chawosauria's 4th largest landslide after 2007.

Background Edit

Death of Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Timothy Portrait

Timothy Max Roosevelt

Timothy Max Roosevelt passed away on May 13, 2011, and the Monarchy was left vacated despite held by Antonio Kingston, who was currently Acting-Emperor, but he had some authority. Chawosaurian Law states that if a Monarch dies, an election is needed to both, fill the vacancy of the deceased monarch, and for the acting monarch must be given eligibility to reign Chawosauria by the popular electorate.

Death of Antonio Kingston Edit

Antonio Kingston was planned to be the candidate for the Communists but died suddenly of a heart attack, Joseph Lopez was set for the election, but he was suspended from power because he was a Muslim, so Samantha Wawetseka was chosen by Lopez to succeed him.

Samantha Wawetseka succeeded Joseph Lopez after her victory, his resignation was on the same day in 2015, a season after he succeeded Antonio Kingston after his sudden death in May of 2015. As Abooksigun Eluwilussit and Adsila Ahyoka joined forces with Samantha Wawetseka, they joined her position cabinet.

Candidates Edit

Major Candidates Political Party
Samantha Wawetseka Chawallian Communist Party
Kesegowaase Bagwunagijik United Liberal Party

Issues and Controversies Edit

Chawosaurian Revolution Edit

Both Kesegowaase and Wawetseka both endorsed the Chawosaurian Revolution, and supported Wawetseka's Chawallianity Renaissance, but the Renaissance ended when Wawetseka won big.

Legalization of Christianity Edit

As of 2015, No Party or Candidate supported the legalization of Christianity, nor did the popular votes, the Christians lost several popular votes except Europe.

The Decriminalization of Christianity issue started on August 21, 2015, but it was bitterly unpopular in 2015, two Lawsuits attempted to Decriminalize Christianity, but suffered from mass failure. Christianity was never legalized before or after the 2015 Elections.

Democracy and Communism Edit

Chawosauria had a huge issue regarding Government Power, Democracy vs Communism came about in 2013. Chawosauria faced border problems, one nation comes in, one nation falls.

Many Dictators rise to power, as of 2014, estimated four Continents of Chawosauria out of six continents had Dictators.

Landslide General Election Edit

Candidates Popular Vote
Samantha Wawetseka 605,464,345,454
Kesegowaase Bagwunagijik 65,764,466

As Samantha Wawetseka won a landslide, it has also been known that Samantha was the first woman in Chawosauria to win official popular power.

Voter Demographics Edit

Demographic Wawetseka Bagwunagijik
16-24 95% 3%
24-35 95% 3%
35-45 96% 2%
45-65 90% 8%
Atheists 96% 5%
Agnostics 95% 4%
Humanists 93% 5%
Deists 97% 2%
Nontheists 98% 2%
Freethinkers 96% 3%
Communists 100% -
Libertarians 96% 3%
Democratists 96% 3%

World Record Popular Vote Participation Edit

Chawosauria broke a world record in Popular Vote Participation, before 2015, Chawosauria 500,000,000 up to 1,000,000,000 votes, In 1975, Timothy Max Roosevelt received 21,565,454,343 Popular Votes, shockingly defeating Victoria Belinsky with her 34,675,454 Popular Votes. The worse defeat in Victoria's life and the first time a Chawosaurian Communist had ever defeated a Chawosaurian Liberal. Before 1975, Elections held 1,000,000,000 Popular Votes, but Timothy broke the chain with more than 21,000,000,000 Popular Votes in a Worldwide Landslide, the first Chawosaurian Monarch to have won a worldwide landslide.

Map Edit

2015 Popular Vote

Chawallian Communist Party maintained their Dominance in the Electorate.

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