Liberal Gender Equality Movement
Chawallian Women
Chawosaurian Feminist Liberation
Vital statistics
Start January 1, 2016
End Present Day
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Chawosauria
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
Previous Next

Anti-Sexist Men

Sexist Men
The Chawosaurian Liberation Movement influenced women to get involved and advocate for their Rights to vote, Rights of Citizenship and the Rights of Education, the Chawosaurians deeply oppose this Liberation Movement for Women which the Chawosaurian Women are advocating to Abolish Discriminatory Laws that says Women have no rights to divorce unless the husband agrees, Women are unequal to earn Citizenship and Women are unequal to participate in Politics, unlike Adsila Ahyoka, her husband allows her boundless freedom, the Chawosaurian Independence Council Conference have conferences with the Advocate of the Movement, Sharron Parker and also the Chawosaurians do not approve to Feminism and is being disregard and discouraged and condemned.

The Chawosaurians demanded their women to stop this or punishments from their husbands, women were arrested and reported back to their husbands, according to lesbians, Lesbian and Female-Bisexual Rights are fare different from Male-Gay and Bisexual Rights and also the Chawosaurians limit LGBT Rights and Heterosexual Rights as a regime to control Human Sexuality, but not criminalize Any Sexual Activity except Interracial Sexual Activity among All Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities.

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