The Chawosaurian Flag mostly known as The Chawallian Flag is all both, the Ethnic, National and International Symbol of the Ethnic Pride of the Chawallian Heritage, it's the very same as the Confederate Americans and the Southern Flag, but the flag is used by the Chawallians to threat their enemies, however the flag contains all sources of Chawallian Nationalism and Ethnic Pride, it is all part of their heritage.

The Chawallian Flag is the very important symbol of Chawallian Nationalism and the symbols of this flag is greater than Chawallian Life, the Lighting Bolt symbolizes the lighting strike away of the enemies of nature, the Star symbolizes Chawigold guiding the Ball of Color (earth) and the Blue Oval symbolizes the strength of faith given to the earth from the heavenly skies and the Orange Background behind the Blue Oval symbolizes the spirits of the soldiers who died on Chawosaurian Ground for victory with the gifts of their blood given to their sons.

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