The Chawosaurianic Wars or Chawosaurian War or the Wars of Chawosauria, were multi armed conflicts between Chawosauria and their enemies, who were the European Colonialists, and Non-Chawosaurian Worlds and Other Chawosaurians, the goals of these wars are to revolutionize Chawosauria and strengthen their nation with Nationalism, Imperialism and more power, Chawosauria entered wars of the United States, the European Empires and Colonies, and also against each other, from the time of the Chawalliankalitans to the Chawosaurian Revolution, from Timothy Max Roosevelt to new leaders and dictators, and from Government to Government, Chawosauria's main enemy was Christianity, due to European Assimilation towards the colonies they colonized, and the Europeans had failed to assimilate most of the colonies they colonized, but the Americas was a success, but not with the Native Americans, most of them are still of their cultures and some of them are still the religions of their ancestors.

Chawosauria is no longer the cultures of their ancestors, they are now the culture of Fascism and Communism, their majority religion is now Atheism, and turned themselves into State Atheism, which is when a nation's national religion is basically Atheism, and other Religious Individuals are persecuted under that state, the Chawosaurians still don't like the ideas of Capitalism, Democracy, Constitutionalism and Freedom, but it is these conflicts, that drove Chawosauria, to special changes.

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