Chawoversia or the "Chawoverse" or "Chawosaurian Universe" is an Insurrectionist Group of Humans Insurrectioning for themselves separating and isolating themselves from the Human Race, in favor of creating their own races of species biologically, politically, and culturally. They formed their own races of species of humans biologically called "Chawoplanets" (Chawo-Planets).

History Edit

On May 10, 2017, after the 2017 Surprise Assault on Chawosauria, 10 Unanimous Chawoversian Worlds have joined an alliance with Chawosauria against the Theodosian Empire, starting the War on Chawoversia. Chawosauria's new biggest ally, Chawoserbia, the most Liberal Chawoversian World in the Chawoversian Solar System.

List of Chawoplanets Edit

  1. Chawosauria- Largest Chawoplanet in Chawoversia
  2. Chawoserbia
  3. Chawotopia
  4. Chawosepia
  5. Chawoberia
  6. Chawoafrica
  7. Chawomaria
  8. Chawobernia
  9. Chawoland
  10. Chawotunia

See also Edit

Theodosian Empire

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