Christian Nation of Chawmania
Christian Nation
Christian Theocratic Revolution
Some attributes
First Christian Theocracy in Europe
Second Christian Theocracy in America
Third Christian Theocracy in Shihuangdia
Other attributes
Fourth Christian Rights
Fifth Christian Liberation in Chawmania
Sixth Chawovania
The Christian Minorities in Chawosauria are wanting Civil Rights compare to the Freedom of Religion Movement and some Christians wanted Theocracy over Chawosauria, but the Chawosaurians and some Christians are not in favor of that, the Chawosaurians and Shihuangdians disagree between Christianity and the Chawmanians are so very Opposed to the idea of Christians liberating themselves by Overtaking Chawmania and many Chawmanians are very opposed to every Christian Theocratic ideas.

The Christian Nation is an idealistic Christian Government Legislation that meets and contacts with the Chawosaurian Governments that making deals over the issue of the Legalization of Christianity, the Expansion of Christian Civil Rights and the Ban on each LGBT Rights including same-sex marriage (which the Chawmanians are not siding with) and also the Chawmanians are deeply Opposed to the Independent Rules of Christianity which they refused to side along with, the Chawmanians are not in favor of abolishing their LGBT Rights System and are not in favor on the Banning on Gay Marriage, the Chawmanians are not in favor of Legalizing Christianity and nor in favor on Expanding their Rights.

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