Christina Dagrun
Christina Lincoln
Christina Dagrun
Vital statistics
Position Grandmother of Timothy Max Roosevelt
Age Aged: 50

Born: 1870

Died: 1920

Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Christina Dagrun Lincoln was the grandmother of Sharron Lincoln, Johnathan Saint Montgomery iiii and pretty much, Timothy Max Roosevelt, she had Conservative values which were old school Conservatism, and she maybe a Lutheran Christian, rumored until she died.

She was born in Canada, but she never had a Citizenship, nor she wanted one, she died four years before the United States assigned Native Americans into Citizenship in 1924, she is a deceased character, with her daughter, Christine Lincoln, she had many impact in Chawosauria.

Because she had no Citizenship, there are no family records, but Ancestry was discovered in 2015.

Biography Edit

Christina Dagrun was born in 1870, born in Canada with no citizenship and her mother, Brenda Gerda, was a Nordic woman who was born in Canada, and her father, Joseph Dagrun, was a Canadian Indian man with a Viking Ancestry, which Christina was born in Newfoundland, where her ancient Viking Ancestors landed and had children with Native American women, her great grandfather, Jacob Dagrun, went to Denmark in 1843 to meet a relative, one of Christina's descendants, Charles Dagrun, is one of Chawosauria's newest members.

She had a daughter in 1890 and because of Joseph Lincoln, she changed her name to Christina Lincoln. Her grandson, Timothy, was born in 1910 and she died in 1920 of a heart attack and her brother, Joseph Dagrun, claimed something of her's.

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