A Closeted Christian is a Christian who hides his or her Christian Identity to Protect his or herself from being Arrested by the Chawallian Regime for believing in God and according to Christian Women, Closeting their Christian Identity was super uneasy, the reason why some Christians hid their religious identities from the Chawallian Regime is because the Chawallian Society prohibited Christian Religious Acts including Believing in God, many Christians lied about being Atheists to fit in with Friendships and Acceptations by the Chawallian People, the Chawallian People didn't like Christians which is also the reason why the Closeted Christians had been lying about who they are, the Christians had to lie in order to enter the military, enter work forces and to own property, the Christians had to lie about their religions in order to raise a family and or to get married to someone they love even if that someone hates Christians, Christians had to lie about their religions in order tobe educated in the best schools available and to eat in the comfortable restaurants available. The Christians were smart enough to hide their religious identities by not wearing any Christian Merchandise and Do not at all say anything about the bible publicly and or where anyone could hear you, Pray in your home only and or pray in a way where nobody can tail your praying.

I have to lie so i can be apart of Chawallian Society Edit

The Closeted Christians believe it is best if the Chawallians don't know about their religion because their religion is a Capital Crime and the Chawallians did not tolerated any Christian Religious Acts, under Chawallian Law, Christianity was a capital crime and the penalty for Christianity is death.

Christians, secretly in Chawallian Citizenship Edit

The Christians had to lie about their religion in order to join the army, Under Chawallian Law, ALL Chawallian College Graduates must serve in the army, the Christians had to lie in order to go to school and serve in the army to become a citizen, if the Christians reveal their secret illegal identities, they'll be arrested for Christianity and face the death penalty for Christianity.

Christians Breaking Out Edit

Sometimes, Christians do reveal their illegal identities, they do get arrested for Christianity and faced death penalties for Christianity, sometimes Christians couldn't take anymore hiding who they are, so they freak out in range and give out and reveal their illegal identities by freaking out.