In Chawosaurian Politics, the Cold War Coalition is an alignment of interest groups and voting blocs in Chawosauria that supported the Pro-Soviet Union and Communist Supreme Leader, Timothy Max Roosevelt, and his Communist Party. The coalition was forged by Timothy himself in the 1975 Federal Election, which they won so drastically. Together, as a coalition in power, they stripped away the political and systemic dominance of Chawosauria's Christian elites in the House of Dynasties and strip away the power of "Christianization", a conservative religious package of laws and programs formed as a result of Chawosauria's humiliating defeat in the First Brutal War in 1895, the Christianization establishment threatened to strip away Chawosauria's indigenous and ancestral traditions and customs and to transform Chawosauria's society and culture into a culturally Christian realm, which only resulted in Chawosauria converting to Atheism in retaliation to Christianization and became a Socialist State and the Illegalization of Christianity in Chawosauria, making that the dominant results of Christianization.

The coalition is made up of Communists, Marxist-Leninists, Marxists, Anarcho-Communists, Left-Wing Nationalists, Left-Wing Populists, Industrial Workers, Farmers, Fishers, Energy Workers, Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, Nontheists, Freethinkers, Naturalists, Darwinists, Social Darwinists, Intellectuals, Renaissance People, and Generations of Lost Generation, G.I. Generation, Silent Generation, Baby Boomer, and Generation X Chawosaurians, LGBT People, Chawosaurians who are World War II Soviet Veterans, Indigenous and Polynesian Chawosaurians.

History Edit

Formation (1945-1975) Edit


Results of the 1975 Federal Election.

While Chawosauria was in the mids of Christianization, which was a term in Chawosaurian History for a package formed after the First Brutal War, of Social Conservative programs and laws meant to promote Christianity to Chawosauria.

Chawosauria resisted the Christian package with violence, terrorism, hate speech, having unbiblical sex, drinking, blasphemy, and voting for Anti-Christian and Socialist politicians.

With the Soviet Union rising to power after World War II, Communism became popular because of the ideology's position on religion. The 1945 Legislative Elections has drastically threatened the Christian establishment.

As years go by and the Cold War was underway, Chawosauria's anti-communist, pro-United States, pro-Vietnam War, and widely unpopular emperor, Jonathan Santiago, was getting old, he was 103 in 1973, and a replacement was needed for him. Santiago signed the stamp approval certification to hold the 1975 Federal Election by December 31, 1975, giving the rising Cold War Coalition the perfect opportunity to show their political strength, and by nominating Timothy Max Roosevelt, he won the federal election in a landslide, drastically defeating pro-United States conservative, Victoria Belinsky, and Anti-War Social Democrat, George Windsor, of the Labour Party from the United Kingdom.

Dominance (1976-present) Edit

2015 Popular Vote

Results of the 2015 Federal Election.

The Cold War Coalition have shown their strong dominance in the 2015 Federal Election. Electing Samantha Wawetseka in a landslide. Becoming the first woman to reign Chawosauria, which created a backlash and led to her downfall. The Cold War Coalition, despite groups, are leaving the coalition, they played a role in the Age of Smartphone Referendum because of rising Social Conservative attitudes towards the Digital Age and the rising Millennial Generation, and Generation Z.

Dissolution (2009-present) Edit

Since the 2007 Comrade Elections and the 2009 Legislative Elections, groups began to realign away from the Communist Party because of the Millennial Generation, these groups are Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Chawosaurians because they were taken advantage of by the Communist Party, and other groups, Intellectuals, Polymath Chawosaurians, and the Working Class have been leaving the coalition because of the rise of Advancing Technology and the Millennial Generation.

In the 2017 Special Election, a realigning election where Polynesian Chawosaurians and Pacificans drastically realigned to the Chawosaurian Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Workers' Labour Party in support for Degotoga K. Atagulkalu, the 2017 Special Election wasn't considered a realigning election until April 2018, when it was affirmed that the Cold War Coalition is breaking apart.

The Age of Smartphone Referendum drastically points at the 2019 Federal Election as an incoming realigning election as the future or fate of this coalition.

Important Demographics of the Cold War Coalition Edit

Chawosaurians who fought for the Soviet Union in World War II Edit

Joseph Stalin WWII

Chawosaurians who fought for the USSR against the Nazis pledged allegiance to the Soviet Leader, Joseph Stalin.

Chawosaurians who lived in the Soviet Union, (the vast majority of Soviet Chawosaurians lived in Siberia and the Ural Mountains) enlisted themselves into the Red Army and fought on behalf of the Soviet flag. They fought everywhere Hitler roughed his troops too, from Stalingrad to the Baltic area, Soviet Chawosaurians fought against the Japanese in Manchuria, Inner Mongolia, and Korea, where Soviet Chawosaurians whooped the Japanese.

Today, Soviet Chawosaurian veterans live around the Pacific Ocean, as well as their descendants, whom most of them are Polynesian today due to constant Interracial Marriage between Russian Chawosaurian men and Polynesian women during the aftermath of World War II.

Chawosaurians from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Edit


LGBT People at a Pride Parade.

LGBT Chawosaurians were very supportive of Timothy Max Roosevelt, there were LGBT Chawosaurians who participated in the Stonewall Riots of 1969, and the LGBT Rights Movement. Timothy didn't campaign specifically for LGBT people, but his message was clear only for LGBT Chawosaurians, especially about his message of Christianization, Conservative candidate, Victoria Belinsky advocated for a piece of legislation to ban the practice of Homosexual sex in the Empire of Chawosauria, but Timothy, and his Social Democratic opponent, George Windsor, both targeted Gay voters by condemning Belinsky's anti-LGBT rhetoric, both Timothy and Windsor split the gay and lesbian vote.

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