The Union of Continental Constitutional Republics is a new nation for Chawosauria in the 21st Century and the Civil War enemy of the Benazidous Continents.

The Continent Union is also an Authoritarian Nation because of it's Persecutions based on Religious and Political affiliations, it is mostly a moderately leaning Communist Nation while the Benazidous Continents are an Extremely Communist Nation, it's Authoritarianism was very radical and extremist.

The Nation persecutes Benazidous Chawosaurians and the Benazidous Continents persecuted Unionist Chawosaurians.

In the beginning of the Chawosaurian Civil War in 2017, the Continent Union created laws prohibiting free speech until the Civil War ends with the UCCR Victory. Chawosauria is dividing and the UCCR would turn into the Eastern Chawosauria.