Christian Liberation Movement
Part of the Freedom of Religion Movement
Vital statistics
Start August 21, 2015
End Present Day
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Chawosauria
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
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Illegal Christians Chawosauria
The Decriminalization of Christianity Movement is a social movement that the Christians demand for Chawosauria to legalize Christianity, in Chawosauria, Christianity is illegal and in three Continents, Christianity carries the Death Penalty, in three more Continents, the penalty for Christianity is slavery.

The Christians were influenced by the Chawosaurian Liberation Movement and were also influenced by Samantha Wawetseka's advocacy in the Chawallianity Renaissance.

The Christians wanted and demanded freedom of religion, other Christian Denominations wanted to free themselves, particular to the Westboro Baptist Church, they wanted freedom as well, but the other Christians would not tolerate that church based on their religious beliefs, Chawosauria does recognize LGBT-Affirming Christian Denominations as the perfect Christianities, but the others would want recognition as well.