Defense of Pregnancy Act
Defense of Pregnancy Act
Defense of Pregnancy Act
Vital statistics
Start Nov. 18, 2015

(signed into law)

End June 1, 2016


Prerequisites Restriction of Diet Act of 1938
Level Good Law Enforcement, the document that was signed into law to protect fetuses from being removed before birth
Location New York City
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
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Pro-Choice Act Law has not been overturned
On November 18, 2015, Abortion has been signed into law that Abortion will not be considered a good choice, Abortion is considered murder of a child that is removing the unborn child from being born into the gift of life and the law is now protecting fetuses from being removed from the fetus carriage which is the wound and not facing life, the Newly formed Chawosaurian Governments considered Abortion as unjust and wrong, and must be opposed by the Penal Code on section 18 on the Chawosaurian Code of Conduct, the ruling stated that Abortion must be intolerated and must not be allowed in any circumstance.

The ruling of Kesegowaase Bagwunagijik states that the ban on Abortion is a bad idea, led to the other rank of Samantha's Chawocratic Party, which the party opposes abortion, the Chawosaurians have zero tolerance for Abortion being participated in Chawosauria and demanded the meeting with Samantha Wawetseka by November 20, 2015 and talk about the issues that are taking place within the consequences for abortion with 60 up to life imprisonment for Fetus Abuse and the Chawosaurian Legislation of Federal Law overruled the issue of Abortion.

Abooksigun Eluwilussit had been debating over the issue of Abortion in a way, but he didn't said he supported, but opposed the DOPA, according to the Selection of Religion Act, Timothy ii took pride in the Defense of Pregnancy Act as well.

DOPA was repealed on June 1, 2016, the law was repealed by the Reproductive Rights Act.