The Defense of Secularism Act is a proposed proposition that prevents the repeal of SORA, and defends a Marxist-Leninist Atheist Environment, the Proposition was introduced and presented by Canonicus Roosevelt after he introduced SORA, while proposing the Segregation of Religion Act (SORA 2), Chawosauria's paranoia towards the Multicultural Revolution and the Chawosaurian Revolution.

Background Edit

On July 20, 2016, during the developing of SORA, the Chawosaurian Government needed a proposition to prevent the repeal of SORA, by creating DOSA, however, the Chawosaurian Government is proposing Proposition 12, an amendment to the Chawosaurian Constitution that would ban the repeal of SORA, SORA 2, DOSA and Proposition 11, the amendment itself was also introduced by Canonicus Roosevelt.

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