Dragomir Ludwig Bismarck (b. September 18, 1939) is the patriarch of the Northeastern faction of the Bismarck Family in the United States, while his wife, Victoria Anna Schwartz, serves as the matriarch.

Dragomir was born in Nazi Germany during World War II to a Jewish-Romani family hiding from Nazi oppression. Dragomir was born in Neuschwanstein Castle, which his father used as a hideout.

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Biography Edit

Dragomir Ludwig Bismarck was born on September 18, 1939 in Hohenschwangau, Schwangau, Bavaria, Germany (Nazi Germany: 1933-1945), a location in South Germany, Dragomir had spend time with his parents separately and stayed with his mother while his father was busy and his father when his mother needed a break, while his father is concerned about World War 2 and how it's gonna play out, Wolfgang had to spend less valuable time with Dragomir and care only about himself.

Dragomir's uncle, Ludwig Bismarck, had went to America to avoid Hitler and passed away over there in 1985, Ludwig Bismarck was one of Dragomir's most selfish family members, but when the U.S. Army contacted Ludwig about Dragomir and his parents' deaths, Ludwig was forced to take care of Dragomir until college. Dragomir married Victoria Anna Schwartz in September 26, 1959, and had three sons with her, but Dragomir accepted it, and thereby had absolutely no problem with it, in 1978, his son, Jonathan went to the military and served under President, Ronald Reagan in Central America, he came back injured slightly, but Dragomir was disappointed because he remembered that he witnessed World War 2, he lost his family when the allies attacked the German Mainland in 1945, he and Jonathan were not for Ronald Reagan because of Conservatism.

In 1989 to 1993, Dragomir enjoyed life in New York City and Nassau County, New York better because Suburban Areas made Dragomir felt safe, Dragomir was for Progressive Values and in 1998 to 1999, he became an activist for LGBT Rights. During the September 11 Attacks, he mourned the deaths and his family did charity for those injured and those who lost loved ones.

Controversies Edit

Jewish Identity Edit

Dragomir Bismarck had been a supporter of a Two-State Solution for both Israel and Palestine, and the opponent of Zionism. Despite the supporter of both a Jewish and Palestinian State, he is in favor of Jewish Rights and Combating Palestinian Terrorism.

A Jew, born in Nazi Germany, somehow escaped from the battles of Germany in 1945 when he lost his father, Wolfgang Bismarck, and his mother, Florica Bismarck.

Adultery in 1960 Edit

Dragomir cheated on his wife, Jessica, in 1960 with a 40 year old woman, Sharron Lincoln. The result was a near divorce that was canceled because of the birth of another son in 1961.

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