the Equal Class is like the middle class, upper class or lower class, but in Chawosauria there is NO middle class, no upper class nor lower class, they is the Equal Class, the Equal Class is the Class of People where the income rate is the same, it is the Working Class and Upper Class and Insurances are advanced than the Insurances in the United States.

Chawosaurian Insurances Edit

Chawosauria does have Car Insurance, Health Insurance and any insurances the United States has, But, Insurances are free and in Chawosauria. Medicare is FREE, the Chawosaurians can have any insurances the United States don't have.

Insurances Chawosauria has but Don't Exist in the United States Edit

the Chawosaurians do have travailing insurance and health insurance any insurance the U.S. have, but what the United States don't have are Unemployment Insurance (Emergency Insurance) and the money comes from the Chawosaurian Military Force. the Chawosaurians have Bill Insurance that the Chawosaurians pay their bills with their Bill Insurance Money. The Chawosaurians pay taxes with the money from their Taxes Insurance and the money also comes from the military. The Chawosaurians pay motel, hotel and or apartment rents with the money from their Rent Insurance and the money that goes to the Insurances are all from the military.

Chawosaurian Law on Education, Military Service and Insurance Edit

Under the Laws of Chawosauria, the people must go to school and yes they must attend college, after college, the Chawosaurians must go to the military and the military pays $ 9,000 a month, but the military splits to any insurance the citizen has. the Chawosaurians, after military service, can get any career they want, jobs also, but in case the citizen losses his or her job, he or she uses his or her Emergency Insurance called "Unemployment Insurance" the Imperial Chawallian Empire didn't gave the people any money, the Chawosaurians lived poor.

Chawosaurian Government's Role in Wages Edit

In Chawosauria, Chawosaurians who work in jobs and career after military service do get paid with how much the employer pays the employee, however, Chawosauria has insurances and since ALL Chawosaurian must serve in the military to get money for their insurances (any insurance) and ALL Chawosaurian citizen gets paid by the military with $ 9,000 a month and the Wages are restricted in Chawosauria that the money from the military is only for emergencies only and or positive uses like paying for bills and or rents.