Florica Bismarck
Vital statistics
Position Dragomir Bismarck's mother
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Florica Bismarck was the mother of Dragomir Bismarck. She was from somewhere. Florica was a Romani woman who met a refugee, Wolfgang Bismarck, to hide in Neuschwanstein Castle to hide from the Nazis. She marries Wolfgang and has a baby with him. She spend 6 years hiding in the castle until the last battle of Germany in WW2, before the War in Europe ended, she died of sickness in 1945 before her husband was killed and her son survived and brought to the United Kingdom in an orphanage until a call from the United States from her brother-in-law. Ludwig Bismarck, called in to adopt the boy.

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