Frederick William Schwartz, Duke of Prussia (January 26, 1849-April 26, 1945) was the First Prime Minister of Chawosauria from 1860 to 1899. A Chawosaurian Oligarch (businessman) and a representative of Emperor, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery. Born in Prussia in the German Confederation in 1849. Born to a Lutheran Family, affiliated with the Social Democratic Movement. A Democrat from the U.S., elected as the Prime Minister.

Born Frederick William Schwartz on January 26, 1849, both his parents are unknown, he was in an orphanage. He was a very disordered man, he was born to an Aristocratic family, there are allegations that are unproven that Frederick W. Schwartz is related to German Emperor, Wilhelm I, there are no records to prove the claims.

He was abandoned due to the Revolutions of 1848 and became an orphan of a very wealthy Catholic orphan place.

Early Life Edit

Frederick William Schwartz was born on January 26, 1849, in Konigsberg, Kingdom of Prussia, during the Revolutions of 1848. His parents, who were probably aristocrats, abandoned him as an infant. He lived under a Catholic orphan place for aristocratic children. He was adopted by the Regents of Emperor, Johnathan Montgomery, and he was appointed by the emperor to serve as Prime Minister because of his intellect.

Prime Minister of Chawosauria Edit

Schwartz was appointed by Emperor Johnathan as the first Prime Minister of Chawosauria. The child from Europe by the Emperor's regents because they believed the child would be good for Chawosauria since he was allegedly related to Wilhelm I, the German Emperor.

Frederick and Emperor Johnathan developed a close relationship with each other.

Nobody at the time even considered that the descendants of Johnathan Montgomery and Frederick W. Schwartz would marry and produce offspring after their deaths in the 1940s.

Marriage into the Bismarck Family Edit

After the Second Schleswig War, Frederick Schwartz and Cassandra Bismarck, a German Aristocrat, fell in love as Aristocrats and asked for Emperor Johnathan's approval for marriage, which he approved. Frederick was 16, and Cassandra was 7, which it's a Pedophilic relationship, this is the beginning of the Sexual Perversion in the Aristocratic Families in Chawosauria.