Immigration in Chawosauria
In Chawosauria, Immigrants are intimidated by the natural born Chawosaurian Citizens because they were not born directly in Chawosauria and it causes the immigrants tobe treated like dirt in Chawosauria, but in Chawosauria, Immigrants are not being protected from discrimination or bashing under the law because they are not natural born citizens and to all Chawosaurians, Foreign Foods such as Mexican Food are types of food that could make all Chawosaurians sick, which is mentally believed by the Chawosaurians and according to Religion and Ethnicity, it is a big problem because of Chawosauria does not tolerate anyone who are all Latino or Irish, the Chawosaurians also don't tolerate anyone on the basis of Jewish.

Immigration to Chawosauria is against the law and the immigrants face enslavement and face 46,348,285 million lashes of woopings and also the Chawosaurian Slave Master and Military uses taser sticks.