Imperial Chawallian Army
The Imperial Chawallian Army is the head to head military force, police force and the protectorate armed forces, the Chawallians had used the military to defend the law and were brutal to the while Chawosaurian world, the Imperial Chawallian Army was the most powerful army in Chawosauria, they made the day of the Chawallianic Wars going on faster and they were the head to head military of the Chawallianic Wars since the Shihuangdian Army, unfortunately the Imperial Chawallian Army can defeat the Shihuangdian Army, their weapons were very advanced than the Shihuangdians and Ohalians, the Chawosaurian Revolutionary Army had been advancing since the Chawallianity Renaissance and were at first very unable to expand their strength.

The Founder of the Imperial Chawallian Army, Timothy Max Roosevelt, was the head to head ruler of the Chawallians, he opened the biggest anti-christian policies for the Christians and had slaughtered millions of Christians during the second brutal war.

The Imperial Chawallian Army is not really fully known, but they are only known so well by their strength, they never lost a single war, not a single battle, the Chawosaurians do not know when they were formed, how they are trained and how they were disciplined, they are one of Chawosauria's most unknowns, documents never exist and their weapons are inspired by the weapons of China, Nazi Germany, the USSR, the US, the UK, North Korea and Germany.