Jacob Lee Simba
Jacob Simba
Jacob Lee Simba
Vital statistics
Position Advocate
Age January 20, 1970

Kisumu, Kenya

Born Unknown
Died Still Alive
Status Personal Information

Ethnicity: Unknown

Nationality: Kenyan

Religion: Christian

Advocacy: Liberalism

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Single or still dating
Sons No sons or unknown
Daughters No daughters or unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Jacob Simba is the Advocate of the Chawosaurian Black Movement and Chawosaurian Civil Rights Movement and is one of the Unknown Advocates of the Chawallianity Renaissance in which he never had Openly served and advocated in the Chawallianity Renaissance and was the friend of Sabeena Devajuta and was very fatherable to her children.

Jacob Simba did married Sabeena until 1999 and divorced on that year, he fathered two children with her and in the 1980s when he was living in the United States, he dated Nittawosew Eluwilussit and befriended with Samantha Wawetseka.

Jacob Simba would be the Advocate of the Chawosaurian Liberalism and Libertarianism among the FORM and also the Chawosaurians follow Simba's Liberal Advocacy, such as Christian Civil Rights, the LGBT, and the Rights of Feminism, the Chawosaurians expressed their LGBT and the Feminist Advocacy.