1. REDIRECT Template:Chawosaurian ComradeJennifer Roosevelt is one of Chawosauria's most unknown people, she has no children and she was never married in her whole life, she is Timothy Max Roosevelt's Daughter and she had also won the Workers' Redeem Award in 1987.

Biography Edit

Jennifer Abigail Roosevelt was born on April 10, 1941 in Canberra, Australia, she was one of the passing above students in the 1950s and she had also been regarded by her father was very pleasant.

Jennifer attended to the University of New South Wales and graduated in 1963 and in her personal life, she was never in her life had been married, she had never in her life as well, had ever had any Children, her religion is unknown and that is because she had never publicly spoke her beliefs and never had she would want an attraction.

Jennifer Roosevelt has no record in Chawosauria, Shihuangdia or Ohalianity, she does not support any Events of Chawosauria, such as EPICE, the Chawosaurian Revolutionary War. She moved to the United States in 1965 and supported the American Civil Rights Movements and met President, Reagan in 1982. She lives in her father's birth and hometown, Portland, Oregon.

Personal Life Edit

Jennifer Roosevelt was never married to anyone and she never had any children, the sexual orientation of Jennifer Roosevelt is unknown, but many claim Jennifer as Asexual (nonsexual) because she never did dated women either, she said she was not interested in relations with men or women.

Jennifer Roosevelt's religion was not spoken publicly in Chawosauria or Shihuangdia, or even Ohalianity, it is clear that she is not very religious, she attended to the University of New South Wales and she moved to the United States and worked as a teacher in Portland, Oregon.

She retired in 2007 and she lived alone, no close relative or friend, her house is being guarded by wild dogs and a sign that says "Go Away" and many of neighbors thought of her as a weird and lonely woman.

In 1981, she had Oophorectomy, meaning she had a surgical removal of her ovaries, meaning she surgically removed her ovaries because she felt uncomfortable with having ovaries, or eggs in her body.