Jericho Draco "Jerry" Batista (b. January 3, 1890) was the 5th Prime Minister of Chawosauria from January 1, 1930, to December 31, 1939.

A Democrat, elected to the Prime Ministry in 1929 in a landslide, ran Chawosauria under Jonathan Santiago in a decade, governed with a Progressive Agenda that he established welfare, he opposed the two World Wars.

He passed the Inspiring Social Security Act of Chawosauria, he passed Glass-Steagle for Chawosauria and then supported Social Welfare and Universal Healthcare. A Great Supporter of Civil Rights and Direct Democracy.

Jericho Draco Batista was born on January 3, 1890, in New York City. He grew up in a Victorian Mansion in Long Island, New York. His Parents were Wealthy Spanish Immigrants from the Spanish Empire. He spoke both Spanish and English. Spoke Spanish in home and spoke English in American Society. He spoke predominantly English since his teens and he graduated with a higher Scholarship to the University of New York and then Oxford University. With very proud Parents. He graduated both New York and Oxford. He won a Degree in Political Science and World History and Arts.