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Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery was the last emperor of Chawalliankalitan Empire from 1850 when he was a baby to 1895, and he was Chawosauria's first major modern ruler, when being overthrown when the Europeans and Mongols defeated the Chawalliankalitans in the First Brutal War, it is clear that he was one of those tyrants of Chawosauria and he had been responsible for the loss of supplies of the Chawalliankalitan Royal Army and had been responsible for the weakening of the Chawalliankalitan Government and he was known as the "Emperor who failed all of Chawosauria", his tyrant rule effected all of Chawalliankalitanity and when he was one of the steps who led Timothy Max Roosevelt to power over Chawosauria, one because Johnathan Saint Montgomery's grandson married Timothy's mother and Johnathan Saint Montgomery was the family elder of the Montgomery family and Timothy Max Roosevelt's family.

Johnathan Saint Montgomery lived in Portland, Oregon when his grandson married Timothy's mother, Christine Lincoln and as elder, Johnathan came to give Christine and Johnathan iii their blessing, Johnathan was not a Christian or said he was not, but he recognized the Lutheran Faith which had became the family faith.

Johnathan Saint Montgomery was currently the main supporter of Timothy Max Roosevelt on getting him to Chawosauria after hearing that Chawosauria needed more foreign immigrants as politicians and soldiers.

Johnathan Saint Montgomery was the activist of the American Indian Movement and was the one who supplied the Lincoln and Montgomery Family, he was not criminalized as a tyrant until after his death, he was identified as a tyrant in 2015 when advocates, Samantha Wawetseka and Abooksigun Eluwilussit had met Johnathan Saint Montgomery VII and Johnathan VII said that Johnathan Saint Montgomery was a tyrant and emperor of the Chawalliankalitans and he was responsible for 60,000 deaths of his view, his own people and the emperor who was defeated in the First Brutal War.

Monarchy (1850-1895) Edit

Birth to Power Edit

Johnathan Saint Montgomery was born but both his parents died of Assassination which the baby had to take power, the baby was two hours old when his parents got shot and had attempted to shoot the baby, but the Chawalliankalitan Soldiers grabbed the baby and ran with the baby to take it to safety, they hidden the baby until the coast is clear.

Baby Jonathan was crowned Emperor and he still had complete power, even though he was an infant, as Jonathan continued to grow to age 10, he was prepared for his birthday and his biggest birthday gift was knowing that he was the Emperor.

The Young Emperor Edit

Johnathan Saint Montgomery was called "the young emperor" and he became the symbol of brightness. He was educated so very well and met a British woman who would someday become his Empress.

First Brutal War Edit

The Chawalliankalitans had been invaded by the Foreigners, the Germanile Sabers, the Europeans, the British Colonists of Canada and Emperor Jonathan took power over the troops and invaded each invasion, Johnathan did not had any war intelligence but the Emperor refused to surrender his nation.

Royal Wedding of 1865 and Marriage Edit

Johnathan Saint Montgomery married Samantha Maximilian from the United Kingdom in the Kalitan Palace on December 25, 1865 and the marriage was beautiful as any other Monarchist Marriages. The romantic story of Samantha & Johnathan had began.

Samantha & Johnathan Edit

Johnathan Saint Montgomery and Samantha Lynn Maximilian had a very happy marriage that lasted from 1865 to Samantha's death in 1943, they bored 12 Children and had been known as Chawosauria's greatest love stories.

Surrender of the Chawalliankalitans Edit

The Chawalliankalitans had surrendered to the Europeans and had led to the overthrow and the Chawalliankalitans were forced to leave their land, even Johnathan himself.

Overthrow of December 12, 1895-December 26, 1895 Edit

Johnathan Saint Montgomery had signed the surrender treaty and had signed his treaty of giving up his power, which broke Johnathan's heart, Johnathan took up his family with him, even his five year old, Berruguete Leonardo Montgomery with the family to Portland, Oregon.

Post-Monarchy (1896-1947) Edit

Johnathan Saint Montgomery was forced to go to United States and began to gain U.S. Citizenship, but would not be convert to white culture, the Chawalliankalitans gave him credit for attempting to defend Chawosauria from the foreigners and tried to liberate Chawosauria and reunite the Chawalliankalitans.

If Johnathan Saint Montgomery did won the First Brutal War, he would'if won the Chawallianic Wars and the Chawallianic Wars would have been over and Chawalliankalitanity would'if been a great superpower and there wouldn't Timothy Max Roosevelt or any other the Chawosaurians have today.

The Chawosaurians had been catching up the imperial Chawallian system with the liberal statutes with Johnathan.

World War 1 Edit

Johnathan Saint Montgomery played a role in World War 1 and his position was to supply and anti-war movement and keep the U.S. from making a mistake on making an enemy out of Europe's most powerful country.

World War 2 Edit

Johnathan supplied the U.S. army when after pearl harbor was bombed and had been declassified as sick.

Political Views and Ideology Edit

Emperor Johnathan had a more Liberal and Progressive political spectrum, he voted for Roosevelt four times and he had support for Affirmative Action, he favored women's rights and he also favored Progressive views.

In Chawosaurian Christianity, he had a good legacy for advocating for acceptance, the Christians in Chawosauria carried his views today.

Disappearance Edit

In 1947, Johnathan last seen his family, in 1949, the family realized that Johnathan was completely gone, nobody knew what happen, he still lived on the Arctic side so Johnathan is assumed tobe froze to death

Legacy Edit

The Legacy of Johnathan Saint Montgomery was that he failed to defend Chawalliankalitanity, but he gave his own power to do so by giving himself up to Chawosauria for a greater future, Johnathan is the reason why Chawosauria is what they are today, a powerful nation without just unity, friendship of liberation.

To Chawosaurian Minorities, he has a legacy of holding a Liberal and Progressive stance on Equal Rights, as his advocacy for acceptance had overran all of the Minority Communities of Chawosauria, which Chawosauria widely ignores because of Timothy Max Roosevelt, Johnathan is the founding father of Modern Chawosauria.

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