On June 28, 2009, Comrade President, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII was forcibly removed from Office due to PC Misconduct & Bisexual Accusations despite the highest Approval Rating on record, over 90% approval. JSM was very controversial in his first term due to the Redgate Scandal, the Chawosaurian Comrades were concerned over a Montgomery Dictatorship which would happen eventually because Montgomery is still the most popular Comrade in Chawosauria.

But the aftermath of the Impeachment went wrong for the Comrade Republicans, the Comrade Republicans impeached Montgomery without the Official Federal Permission of Timothy Max Roosevelt and his Government, which under Section 765, it is punishable by death. The Comrade Republicans have fallen under a 10 Year Criminal Investigation and by 2019, the Comrade Republicans will pay the penalty of such crime.

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