Jonathan Max Roosevelt
Jonathan Roosevelt
Jonathan Maxine Roosevelt
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Dec. 31, 1959

ACT, Australia

Status Personal Information

Ethnicity: Multiracial

Religion: Unknown

Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Jonathan Maxine Roosevelt was one of Timothy Max Roosevelt's Children and he was one of the unknown people in Chawosauria, Jonathan was one of Timothy's hated children and according to his elder sister, Jennifer Roosevelt thought of him as weird and his granddaughter, Miranda Roosevelt saw Jonathan as a great grandfather, Jonathan was one of Chawosauria's mysterious characters because of his incest with his twin sister, Advocacy with Sibling & Incest Marriage, Chawosauria legalized Sibling & Incest Marriage in 1973 and was equalized in 1980.

His Mother, Elizabeth Mary Alexandria approved to his independence in a very young age and so to his sister. Jonathan is Catholic Christian, he came out as Christian when his father died to his mother and his mother affirmed and accepted.

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