Joseph Dze Jughasvili
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Dze Jughasvili
Vital statistics
Position Soviet Dictator

Reign: 1924-1953

Political Party: CPSU

Age Aged: 74

Dec. 18, 1878 Gori, Georgia, Russian Empire (Birthdate)

March 5, 1953 Moscow, USSR (Deathdate)

Status Personal Information

Ethnicity: Georgian

Religion: Atheism (formerly orthodoxy)

Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Joseph Stalin was the sovereign dictator of the Soviet Union who ruled from 1924 until his death in 1953, Stalin was a brutal dictator who was responsible for the deaths of 20,000,000 people, he was the leader who modernized the Soviet Union and transformed the Soviet Union into a global superpower, he was responsible for millions of famines all across Ukraine and build gulags all over the Soviet Union, he made a pact of alliance with Hitler in 1939, but in 1941, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, Stalin was one of the Greatest Villains of the 20th Century and before his power, he was the supporter and activist of the Russian Revolution and the supporter of the Russian Civil War, in 1924, Stalin took power over the Soviet Union after Lenin's death, according to his actions in world war ii, he was very dangerous to both his soldiers and the Germans, he passed a rule that if any red army soldier dares to surrender out of his position, that soldier will be considered a traitor and be shot to death, which is how he controls his army.

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