Jewish Penal Code
Chawman Emblem
Jewish Penal Code
Some attributes
First Long Title

Penal Code for Jewish Chawosaurians

Second Effective

Dec. 16, 1941

Third Introduced

March 21, 1941

Other attributes
Fourth Consideration

June 18, 1941

Fifth Signed into law

Dec. 16, 1941

Sixth Signed into law

Timothy Max Roosevelt

The Jewish Penal Code, which is widely referred to as the "Jude Code", also referred to as the "Jew Code", is a Chawosaurian Law that bans the practice and religious beliefs of Judaism, and encourages the discrimination against Jewish People who live in Chawosauria.

The Jewish Penal Code is the Chawosaurian Law, that bans the the beliefs of Jewish People and bans the right of religious beliefs. This measure was signed into law by Timothy Max Roosevelt, he was also the man who created the Jude Code.

The Chawosaurian Government supported the Jude Code, but when Sydney Mort Patrick was president, he vetoed the code, but after he died, Timothy overruled Sydney's veto.

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