Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Chawosaurians do have the same rights of employment and housing, including recognizing and protecting relationships, Chawosauria did had laws recognizing same-sex relationships, but were struck down due to the Transition of the Chawosaurian Revolution.

Chawosauria decriminalized Homosexuality and Bisexuality in 1940-1943, 2016-2017, but are not really recognized. A myth that Chawosauria allowed same-sex marriages since the 1940s was classified, but Civil Unions had been allowed since the 1940s. Chawosauria allows Marriage Equality since June 17, 2017, under the effects of the LGBT Rights Act of 2016.

On November 26, 2017, the Chawosaurian Left Wing Parties addressed concerns over Transgender Rights in Chawosauria, in alot of nations in the Human World that have already mandated Transgender Rights to have Equal and Civil Rights of Employment, Education, Housing, Healthcare, etc, there are other issues with Intersex, and others, Emperor, Abooksigun Eluwilussit is widely given so much credit for mandating LGBT Rights in Chawosauria better than his monarchical predecessors, but is rarely criticized for not doing enough to mandate Transgender Rights heavily.

Laws regarding Same-Sex Sexual Activity Edit

During the Years of 1900 to 1940, Homosexuality was illegal in Chawosauria, but the sodomy law was wrecking the economy because of numerous arrests of gay workers which causes profit losses and many gay prisoners escaped from prison each time and none of them were caught.

In 1941 to 1943, Homosexuality and Bisexuality was decriminalized only for men, but in 2016, Homosexuality and Bisexuality was decriminalized for women.

On April 23, 2016, Chawosauria repealed laws, targeting Interracial Homosexuality, regardless of men and women.

Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships Edit

Chawosauria long allowed and recognized relationships between LGBT Chawosaurians, including Marriage Equality for a longtime.

Adoption and Parenting Edit

Chawosauria legalized LGBT Adoption a long time ago.

IVF for Lesbians Edit

On May 20, 2016, Abooksigun Eluwilussit and Adsila Ahyoka announced their support for the Reproductive Rights Act, which would repeal the Defense of Pregnancy Act and give Reproductive Rights for both Men and Women, however, give men the right to donate sperm and women who are either Asexuals and or Lesbians and or unable to engage in sexual activity, and do want children, can be provided with the practice In Vitro Fertilization, which is when the Needle is placed in the virginal area and pushes the sperm from the needle and enter the woman's ovaries.

Abooksigun Eluwilussit announced that he will sign the Reproductive Rights Act and also, would be interested in signing the LGBTQIA Human Rights Act, which would include IVF for Lesbians and Asexual Women.

Discrimination Protections Edit

Since 1941, Chawosauria has always protected Homosexuals from discrimination, as put lifestyle in their anti-discrimination code, in 1946, Chawosauria had protected Bisexual men from Biphobia and in 2016, Chawosauria is now protecting all, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders from Discrimination.

Hate Crime Law Edit

Chawosauria Hate Crime Law formerly covered only Male Homosexuals only, not never Bisexuals regardless of gender, but in 2016, Chawosauria Hate Crime Law was rewritten that Chawosauria now covers all sexual orientation and gender identity regardless of gender and regarding women's rights.

On June 15, 2016, the Chawosaurian Government passed a highly even stricter law preventing Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic Terrorism and persecute these acts by death sentence, Chawosauria does believe in life sentences, there are Gay Nightclubs in Chawosauria, Chawosaurian Rulers, Abooksigun Eluwilussit and Timothy Max Roosevelt ii ordered military watching of every Nightclub from Homophobic Terrorism, and internet shutdowns of identified Homophobic Citizens in Chawosauria.

Gender Reassignment Edit

Since 2016, Chawosauria allows Gender Transition and has not yet passed laws regarding the consequences of transgenders.

Military Service Edit

Chawosauria currently does allow LGBT People to serve, but Chawosauria wants to sign a Ban on Military Service for LGBT Individuals by proposing a Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy, Abooksigun Eluwilussit rejected the policy and refused to sign it.

Chawosauria segregates LGBT Chawosaurians based on race, which, Racial Minority LGBT Chawosaurians are banned from military service

Conversion Therapy Edit

Changing a person's sexual orientation is illegal and the majority of Chawosaurians don't believe Homosexuality is a choice, so to the Chawosaurians, it's impossible to change a person's sexuality.

On June 16, 2016, conversion therapy was criminalized with death sentences.

LGBT Politics in Chawosauria Edit

There is no official Politics of LGBT Rights in Chawosauria (de-facto). But there are Chawosaurian Monarchs, Political Supremacists, and other figures who addressed or were reportedly aware of Homosexuality.

Chawosaurian Monarchs Edit

Jonathan Santiago Edit

During Santiago's rule, Chawosauria witnessed the Holocaust in World War 2, which in that time, the Nazis persecuted Homosexuals, during that time, Santiago was aware of the Demographics of the Holocaust Victims. Santiago set up an Undercover Investigation of Life in Extermination Camps. When the Stonewall Riots occurred in 1969, Santiago privately questioned the New York Police's failure to retain control over the Stonewall Inn Rioters and questioned U.S. President, Richard Nixon's "Law and Order" promise. In 1972, when the LGBT Rights Movement took notice, Santiago was one of the first officials in Chawosauria to be asked or interviewed about the new emerging LGBT Rights Movement, Santiago always said "I remember in the Holocaust when these people were persecuted by the Nazis, so yeah, I think that has something to do with the Gay Uprising against Social Norms", basically Santiago just blamed and criticized the Nazis for exploding the LGBT Uprisings by using hate against them. Santiago blasted Germany over the LGBT Movement saying "If the Germans hadn't persecuted these people, we wouldn't be having this problem", Santiago blasting Germany on October 4, 1972.

Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Before Monarchy Edit

Before his life in the Soviet Union, there were appeared to be rumors of Timothy's own sexual orientation, but were never admitted at the time due to a different time in the 1920s, his sister, Sharron Lincoln, when Timothy returned from the USSR in 1930, was reported to have discovered a Men's Magazine. When Timothy was living in the Soviet Union between 1924 to 1929, most of the USSR allowed Homosexuality. In 1933, Timothy witnessed the Soviet Government's decision to recriminalize Homosexuality. In 1941, Timothy took part in Chawosauria's decision to decriminalize Male Homosexuality, and again in 1943 in Chawosauria's decision to decriminalize Male Bisexuality.

During Monarchy Edit

As Dictator, Timothy prevented the passing of the Buggery Act, which would've made Homosexuality illegal in Chawosauria. Timothy offered and granted employment and military service rights to LGBT Chawosaurians. Timothy laid out Societal Standards and Teachings on how Chawosauria should view Human Sexuality, including Homosexuality, Timothian Teachings on Homosexuality were Pro-LGBT Rights and addressed how LGBT Chawosaurians should be treated with respect regardlessly, Timothy progressed and advanced LGBT Rights in Chawosauria. In 2009, Timothy officially endorsed same-sex marriage and encouraged Chawosauria to legalize same-sex marriage specifically on March 3, 2011, Chawosauria did legalize same-sex marriage in the 1940s but done so in code words, Chawosauria officially legalized same-sex marriage in specific language in 2017, 6 years after Timothy's death.

Antonio Kingston Edit

In 1979, Antonio found a gay magazine from Brazil. In 1980, Antonio knew a friend who was apart of the founding of Grupo Gay de Bahia.

Abooksigun Eluwilussit Edit

Before Monarchy Edit

Abooksigun since the 1970s had been a longtime supporter of the LGBT Rights Movement, but in 1968, he led his future brother in law to suicide after bashing him for being gay. In the 1980s, he participated in the HIV-AIDS Movement.

During Monarchy Edit

Abooksigun signed the LGBT Human Rights Act. Condemned the actions of the Orlando Attacks in 2016. Those events are one of Abooksigun's most heroic moves as Emperor.

Other Chawosaurian Political Figures Edit

Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII Edit

JSM was raised in a Conservative household despite his father, who was conservative, might have been having Homosexual Intercourses since the 80s and during his marriage with JSM's mother, his father died and in 2006, he found a love letter from his father to another guy. An LGBT Supporter, Montgomery became a supporter for same-sex marriages for a longtime.

Jonathan Saint Nicholas Brunswick Edit

When the World started legalizing Same-Sex Marriage since 2001, Brunswick's response to the Netherlands' decision to become the very first nation on earth in Human History to legalize Gay Marriage was extremely viral, in 2003, when a work partner of his mother was found having a same-sex sexual interaction on the job with her partner, she was fired for sex on the job and was having to hug Brunswick goodbye because Brunswick and her were close friends, Brunswick, when being hugged by her, was feeling unconfrontable being touched or hugged by a Lesbian that he didn't hug her back before leaving his mother's office. The other time Brunswick addressed Homosexuality was in his situation in the showing of a 2005 Chawosaurian LGBT Romantic-Comedy film, "Alternative Cinderella", where he responed to the proposal of the showing of the film in the Comrade Province of the United States in a very negative light, he requested and administered an Anti-LGBT Investigation against both the movie and the entire LGBT Community in Chawosauria nationwide on the search for Sexual Perversion, Brunswick targeted notable LGBTQ Chawosaurians, Lucas Parker, Travis Parker, and others, and targeted Chawosaurians rumored tobe LGBT, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII, Jonathan Ludwig Bismarck II, and others. Brunswick threatened to expose their sexual orientations without their consents, which under Chawosaurian Law, that's Unethically Illegal and the penalty is Slave labor for life, it is legal to expose a Homosexual's sexual orientation only if the Homosexual grants consent under Chawosaurian Law and the consents are strictly enforced by law enforcement. Brunswick was warned of these penalties if he doesn't stop the Anti-Gay Purges, it took Investigations to expose that there was no sexual perversion in the Gay Community and easily purged LGBT Chawosaurians committed suicide. Brunswick ended his purges and apologized, he was never penalized. In 2007, Brunswick witnessed as another person he knew closely came out as Bisexual right in front of him, angered him, he walked up to him looking intimidating and punched him in his arm and intimidated him out of the room, forcing him to flee. In the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, A retired Basketball Player, James Collins, who was openly gay, came to speak at the Convention, with Brunswick attended the convention, Brunswick left the convention and went home disgusted while Collins was still speaking, he told his mother that he would never go to anymore DNC Conventions again after this. In November 2017, Brunswick approved the introduction of the Buggery Act of 2018, the second attempt after the first one to make Homosexuality illegal in Chawosauria. On December 5, 2017, Brunswick announced his dealignment from his Jewish Denomination, Reform Judaism, because of their Liberal Stances on Gay Rights. He realigned to the Mainstream Jewish Faith.

In the United States, in response to the Wedding Cake controversy, Brunswick said about this on December 9, 2017 "This is so laughable, a wedding cake for an immoral couple?", at the same time when asked about Australia's decision to legalize same-sex marriage, reversing the Howard Government's installation of the Marriage Amendment Act 2004, which blocked marriage for gay couples for over a decade, Brunswick responded harshly "Australia is allowing Psychiatrically Disordered and Confused People [Homosexuals] getting married is showing how corrupt Western Culture is becoming when it comes to those people".

Jonathan Ludwig Bismarck II Edit

Bismarck has a long history of tolerance for LGBT People publicly and privately despite his Conservative Beliefs, this history always leads to rumors of Bismarck's Sexual Orientation itself, but the rumors are rarely widespread. When Bismarckia came to the imperial spotlight, lives for LGBT Chawosaurians hadn't changed under Bismarck's Christian Government, Bismarck's Theocratic Government continued the enforcement of the LGBTQIA Human Rights Act of 2016, Bismarck criticized the Religious Right so very often for shrinking their number of memberships and are the death of Christianity if they don't appeal to today's Western Societies. In December 2017, Bismarck endorsed same-sex marriage in response to Australia's decision to legalize same-sex marriage by reversing the Marriage Amendment Act of 2004, which was installed by the Government of Prime Minister, John Howard.

Public Opinion Edit

After Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Religious Liberty Act became law, the Majority of Chawosaurian Civilians, now believe that Asexuality, Bisexuality, Heterosexuality, and Homosexuality should all be classified as the four normal sexual orientations, and should be accepted as equals, and should be protected as all equal protected classes.

The LGBT Community in Chawosauria received a nationwide support from Chawosauria by popular vote and government because of the Orlando Attacks.

See also Edit

Religious Freedom in Chawosauria

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