Liberalization of Chawosauria
Liberalization of Chawosauria
Vital statistics
Start 2015
End present day
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Liberation of Chawosauria
Location Chawosauria
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
Previous Next
Timothization Globalization
The Chawosaurian Liberation Movement is bring Liberalization over Chawosauria, but Chawosauria falling under Liberalization is not gonna be a very easy task, Chawosauria was still living under Timothization and the Imperialism that is taking place by Chawallian Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt, but the Chawosaurians had began to break up out of Imperialization and the Imperial might of Chawosauria was to bring Imperialism to every, the Chawosaurians demand that all imperial systems tobe wiped away by EPICE under the Chawosauria v. Chawallianity.

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